Him again



6. lunch

"Ashton you can't not eat" I said looking at him.

"Well your not eating so I'm not eating" he said sternly folding his arms.

"You are so stubborn" I sighed. "Anyways ash I didn't order anything" I said quietly.

"But bell this isn't healthy, your going to end up killing yourself if you don't eat" he whispered so only I could hear his face filling with concern.

"Ash I'm sorry but I just can't" I murmured

" fine but you have to eat dinner" Ashton said turning back to face the others starting a conversation

"Bella can I talk to your for a sec?" Michael said looking at me.

"Um sure, Ash can you watch Aria for me?" I asked.

"Yeah okay." He said pecking me on the lips before I walked away from the table with Mikey.

"So what's up?" I asked him.

"Bella Ashton's just trying to help you, can't you see it's killing him to see you like this!" He whisper yelled at me.

"I know but it's just not that easy telling me to just eat is like stabbing yourself in the chest and me telling you to stop bleeding" I said as a tear rolled down my face , I quickly wiped it away before walking back to the table .

"So Luke, Calum have you guys got girlfriends I said as I sat back down on the chair next to Ashton.

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