Him again



5. lunch

"Luke" aria squealed as the boys walked through the front door. "Hey baby"Ashton said kissing me on the forehead. Today we were all going out to lunch . " ok so we can't take one car there's not enough seats so me, Calum and Luke can go in my car. And bella , Ashton and aria can go in the other ." Michael said. We all agreed before walking out the door to the cars.

Skip car ride

I walked up to the cashier to order arias food " hi can I please have some barbecue chicken strips and an apple juice box." I asked the lady handing her the money. Before going to sit with the boys who had already ordered. I slid into the booth next to Ashton and Calum while aria sat with Luke and Michael. A few minutes later the food came. "Thanks" they said as the waitress walked away . " what are you having bell" Ash asked "I'm not hungry" I whispered "you have to eat something" he whined as I shook my head. "Bella eat" he demanded "I said I'm not hungry" I told him as I slumped back into the chair. " fine I won't eat either then " Ashton said folding his arms

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