Him again



8. if you don't eat!

Ashton's POV

"Bell" I whispered poking her cheek to wake her up. "Bella wake up" I said again.

"Go away I'm tired" she murmured

"Baby it's breakfast" I said smiling at her.

"I'm not hungry" she said bluntly

I felt the smile disappear from my face as she said that. "Baby you have to eat" I begged

"Ash it's not that simple" she said faintly

" bella you're slowly killing yourself and if you don't come down and eat something I'm admitting you into a hospital" I said firmly

I watched as her eyes began to water" no Ashton baby please no please don't that" she said her voice breaking.

I watched as she curled herself up into a ball and began rocking back and forth, sobbing.

"Baby girl don't cry"I said as she broke down "you're ok it's going to be okay" I said pulling her into my arms.

Bella's POV

I couldn't help myself the sobs escaping from my lips as he held me close.

"Guys breakfast is ready" Calum said bursting through the door. I felt Ashton look up at him "I'm just gonna go" he said awkwardly

" baby please just eat one piece of Apple for me" he asked smiling a weak smile.

I just shook my head, as he released me from his grip.

"Come on baby please" he whispered as I sunk under the covers.

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