Him again



1. flashbacks


"bella im sorry but i leave for tour in an hour , and i'm so sorry baby but i don't think i can handle long distance relationships ,i love bell but i just cant" ashton said as a tear streamed down his face. he kissed me on the cheek before heading towards the door .

"ash i'm pregnant" i whispered but it was to late he was gone .

i woke up to reality with my darling little girl aria grace irwin , in my arms . we had fallen asleep on the couch , i quietly turned on the tv to channel 7. ''5 seconds of summer return from tour with one direction today'' the news presenter said 

''shit'' i cursed flicking off the tv . he cant come back he'll find out , my head started spinning , thoughts running through my head . suddenly a little voice brought me back from my thoughts "mummy im hungry'' aria yawned ''ok babygirl , what about some Vegemite on toast " i asked her '' yes please " she said her face lighting up cause its her favourite . i quickly made her toast and sat her down at the table , " ok baby you eat that while mummy has a shower '' i said to her '' ok muma '' she said her mouth stuffed with toast. 

i ran out of the kitchen and to the bathroom and stripped as a turned on the water , i hopped in the shower blade in my hand as tears started to stream down my face as i raised the blade to wrist as 1 cut turned into 10 . i let the blood drip as i washed my self before turning off the water . i stepped out of the shower and pulled on my clothes ,  a big black hoodie (that was ashtons ) and some pink leggings. i pulled my hair into a ponytail before going to help aria get dressed .

'' was that yum darling'' i asked  as i picked her up to rest on my hip '' yeah muma it was tank you '' .



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