Him again



3. eat

Bellas pov

We were all sitting in nandos again Aria just chatting away to the guys "what's you favourite food sweetie?" Calum asked looking at aria "vegimite" aria giggled "what's your favourite food bella?" Asked Michael "umm"I thought , "mummy doesn't eat" aria said innocently. "Bella come with me for a sec" Ashton said getting up "guys can u watch her for a minute"I asked they all nodded before I got up and followed Ashton. He lead me to the family toilets were they happened to have a scale. He picked me up and gently placed me on the scale it read 25kgs I heard a gasp"bell" ash said his voice breaking "I'm fat" I breathed collapsing into a heap on the floor."bell shh your not fat your extremely under weight" he cooed picking me up and pulling me into his arms. My tears fell onto his shoulder as I continued to cry"ash you don't get it I don't wanna live , but I can't leave her." I screamed " no I do baby " he whispered pulling up his wristbands to reveal purple and pink scars I gasped "ash baby"I started "shh bell, it's ok" he assured me "no ash. No it's not" I said as I pulled up my sleeve revealing the fresh red cuts and the old purple scars.before reciting this "she paints a pretty picture but her story has a twist, her paintbrush is a razor and her canvas is her wrist

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