Him again



7. Daddy

" mummy are the boys coming today" Aria asked flashing a smile showing her adorable dimples/

" i think so baby " i answered as i picked her up to go get her changed.

i set her down as we reached her room and got out a pink t shirt and blue skinny jeans.

" what shoes baby girl ?" i asked her

" converse" she said holding up her tiny baby pink chuck taylors.

i got out her pink and black baseball jacket and left her to get changed as she likes to be independent.

i left her room as i heard a knock at the door, i raced to the front door and opened the door to find Ashton at the door.

" hey baby"he said kissing me on the forehead.

" hey guys" i said smiling at them as they all stepped inside.

" bell when are we going to tell her?" ash whispered to me as we followed the boys to the lounge.

" Now if you want " i said weakly

" Aria come here " ashton called

" Ash" she screamed running up to him

" Aria baby girl ash is your dad" i said calmly

" daddy" she asked

" yeah" ashton said a smile hinting at his face

Aria just hugged him well hugged his legs as hes like way taller than her.

" that is adorable" the boys awed as they pushed me into the hug

i heard the click of a camera but ignored it as Ashton wrapped my arms around me as he picked up Aria.

we were finally a family.

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