Him again



4. cold

"Bell" ash said suddenly ( we had all gone back too my house) "mhm?" I answered "will you be my girlfriend again?" He whispered playing with my hair." Yeah" I murmured. "Mummy can we watch a movie?" Aria said ruining the moment "yeah ok baby" I said putting finding nemo on before sitting back on the couch with Ashton and aria. On the other couch Luke and Michael sat while Calum was sitting on the floor even tho there was heaps of space on the couch. I cuddled into Ashton, while aria sat next to me staring at the TV. I moved even closer too Ashton as I shivered I'm freezing. "Cold baby?" Ash whispered I nodded my head "it's cause your just skin and bones" he said pulling the blanket from beside him and throwing it over me.

Skip movie

"I'm going to have a shower" I said getting up as the movie ended. I walked to the bathroom and stepped inside locking the door. I turned on the water as my twice daily routine began again. I stripped and stepped inside the shower the water soaking me as the tears streamed down my face . I raised the blade to my skin as the blood poured out, fresh cuts formed on my wrist and thighs. I turned off the water and stepped out . Wrapping around a towel around me I ran too my bedroom to get changed. I through on some sweat pants, a tank top and my pink rip curl hoodie. I threw my hair up into a messy bun.

And went to see the others "mummy!" Aria squealed as I walked in the room. I sat down it was the end of the day and I was really dizzy." I'll be back" I said standing up again my head spinning. I walked to the kitchen and got out a bottle of water and sipped it as I went to sit with ash.

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