Him again



2. Ashton

"Come on mummy" aria squealed as we walked down the street to nandos ~~~~~~~skip walk~~~"ok what do you want baby girl ?" I asked holding her hand "pita"she said. "Ok bub"I said walking up to the cashier. " hi what would you like ?" They asked "may I please have a kids chicken pita with an apple juice" I ordered before paying and finding a seat . "Tank you muma for take me " aria said her mouth full as she ate "that's ok baby " I said disappearing into my thoughts, she looks so much like him , she laughs like him "excuse me can we sit here everywhere else is full ?" Someone said snapping me out of my thoughts , I looked up at the voice and my heart just dropped. 5 seconds of summer ."oh um sure " I said, " aria come sit next to me" "ok mummy " she said in adorable little voice as she moved next to me as the boys sat down . "Hi I'm Ashton "he said as I looked at him "and that's Luke , Calum and Michael ". "Hi" I murmured "what's your name darling " Ashton asked smiling at aria "aria grace irwin " she smiled innocently as Ashton's face went white "bella?" He choked , I nodded "we'll that's a very pretty name aria" Luke said saving the moment . "Bella can I talk to you for minute "Ashton said standing up, I gulped before standing up and followed him outside "is she mine" he demanded "ash " I whispered "I said is she mine "he said again "um yeah " I said my voice breaking as the tears started to stream down my face "bell come here" he said as he pulled me into his arms "why didn't you tell me baby " he whispered and I just fell in love with him all over again. "I was gonna but you left " I choked "oh baby girl shh , it's ok " he told me as he sat down on a near by bench pulling me onto his lap ." Bell your so light baby" he said his face turning into a look of concern "no I'm not " I said tears still running down my face "you are baby" he said me not being bothered to answer just sat there staring at him . " guys are you ok " Michael asked suddenly appearing out of nowhere. " umm yeah" I said getting up off his lap and walking over to Michael as the others came out the door

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