Him again



9. aria

Bella's POV

Today ash, aria and I are going to the park. Finally a day just the 3 of us, I mean the guys are my best friends but it's nice just to have a family day once in a while. "Mummy can we go now?" Aria asks standing there in her skinny jeans and and and a 5sos Tshirt. I can't help but laugh, ash must have picked that out. "Sure baby we're just waiting for daddy" I said before yelling up the stairs "babe hurry up"

"Coming baby" he yelled back as he ran down the stairs before we walked out the door towards the park

Skip walk

"Mummy, daddy look at meeee" aria squealed as she slid down the slide. "Wanna go on the swing princess?" Ashton asked her smiling as she nodded. They both ran towards the swing with excitement as he picked her up and strapped her in . " WEEEE" she squealed in excitement as Ashton pushed the swing higher. I flipped out my phone and took a pic of the two of them and smiled. " guys do you want to go get some ice cream" I smiled as they bolted towards me at the mention of ice cream. I chuckled before entwining my hand in Ashton's and walking across the road while he carried aria.

" this is fun baby we should have days like this more often" ash said looking down at me, as we entered the icecream parlour .

" what flavour do you guys want?" I asked

" chocolate pwease mummy" aria grinned

"Same here babe" Ashton answered.

We ordered and sat down with our ice creams

"Baby I know you don't like ice cream but please when we get home will you have some fruit" Ashton said looking at me with concern.

I just merely nodded not wanting to ruin the day. He smiled at me thinking he got somewhere.

Skip rest of day

"Baby wanna have a movie night" Ashton asked me

"Yeah but what about aria?" I questioned

" I already called the boys and they came and got her while you were in the shower.

" oh okay then let's go watch some movies" I said happily as I skipped to my room .

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