The Chronological Story of the Friendship of Darcy Reid and Katherine Plumber (and some other folks)

Basically all of my headcanons for the characters Darcy and Katherine in Disney's Newsies.


1. The Chronological Story of the Friendship of Darcy Reid and Katherine Plumber (and some other folks)

When Katherine was four and Darcy was five, they became fast friends over their similar sense of humor. They would hide under the catering tables at their fathers’ functions and grab the ankles of unsuspecting passersby. Although their parents always threw them furious glances, they were never punished at home. Their free spirits did tend to get them in trouble at school, though, especially in kindergarten. As they grew older it became evident that Darcy’s nannies were far more keen on lashings than Katherine’s, which caused his to straighten out immensely, whereas Katherine remained just as free-spirited as always. by the ages of 11 and 12 the two of them were very different people, but remained two sides of the same coin. Most of the time, at this age, if Katherine got fired up over something someone said, or how incompetent the teachers were, Darcy was the only one that could calm her down. It was also at this age that they would hide behind the schoolhouse during recess and talk for the entire time. One of those days behind the schoolhouse, they made the promise that if they were both single by the time Katherine was 30, they would marry. Even though Katherine probably forgot about that promise five minutes later, Darcy full intended to not go back on his word. After elementary, Darcy was shipped off to boarding school in New Hampshire and Katherine was dumped at some hoity-toity private school. Even though they technically weren’t supposed to, the two of them exchanged letters back and forth all through secondary school and they remained best friends, even though they lived states apart. While away at school, Darcy had time to develop an interest in architecture and Shakespearean literature, all things that they both knew he would never be able to pursue because he was expected to be waiting in the wings to take over the Tribune when his father died. Darcy and Katherine both graduated at the top of their classes - he in 1898 and she in the summer of 1899 (literally months before the strike). While Katherine was busy chasing the newsboy story, she became a social recluse, and for a long time she and Darcy didn’t speak, which was why he was so willing to jump on the bandwagon and help with the Crusade. It was a reason to jump back into the swing of things with Katherine. This was also how he became acquainted with Katherine’s younger sister, Alice. The two of them struck up a friendship almost immediately. They’d crossed paths before at what Alice liked to refer to as her father’s “brown-noser parties”, but they’d never known each other beyond their awkward pleasantries. After the strike, Katherine and Darcy picked up right where they left off, with the addition of Alice. Katherine had never been particularly close to Alice. They were only really half-siblings, and as a result, had different nannies growing up. Alice’s mother had taken charge of her education while Katherine was away at private school, so the two never really had time to actually get to know one another, even though they were barely a year apart in age. They never disliked each other, but they also were never friendly either. Katherine liked having the time to get to know her sister after the Crusade though. As it turned out, they were far more alike than they’d ever actually thought which caused them to be fast friends. After some time Darcy and Alice started courting. Not dating. Courting. Because that’s the way Alice insisted she wanted it. They were escorted everywhere by Katherine, and when she wasn’t available, by one of Darcy’s friends from school. Darcy and Alice were both in Katherine and Jack’s wedding. Darcy was Katherine’s “man of honor”, as she put it (Crutchie, of course, was the best man.). Darcy and Alice got engaged and married shortly after. When Darcy’s father dies, he takes a huge emotional hit. He never really knew the man, and he regretted not taking the time in his adult life to actually get to know his own father. He tried to compensate by becoming friendly with Alice’s father, but Pulitzer was hardly interested in befriending the competition. Alice steels herself, even though she is feeling the emotional blow as well, and pretty much has to take over running the Tribune (with the help of Katherine) while Darcy mourns. During this time is when Alice finds she actually has a niche for business, so once Darcy was ready to return to work, she continues working the business and finance side of things while he takes care of the actual printing. Turns out the two of them make a pretty awesome team. When Katherine turns 30, Alice throws her a huge surprise party at the new apartment that she and Darcy had just managed to pay off. All of the former newsboys from Davey, right down to Spot Conlon, made a point to stop by and wish the girl a happy birthday, knowing that they owed everything, maybe even their lives, to the former Katherine Pulitzer. Plus, there was food, and loads of it. It was at this party that Alice overheard Darcy and Katherine reminiscing about the promise that they’d made back in primary school. She couldn’t help but get mad. She figured there would have to have been some sort of unrequited feelings between him and Katherine, or else Darcy would’ve just come right out and told her. That was the first and only time that Darcy and Alice got into a fight and it ended with Alice going to stay at with her parents for a few days. After three days, Darcy came sought her out, wanting to right what had happened, which resulted in another screaming match. Actually, it was less of a match, more of her screaming in his general direction while he stood there and took it, fiddling with his glasses. It ultimately ended in her returning home, with the understanding that they wouldn’t keep anything from each other. Darcy is drafted during the war and is sent home due to an injury. This injury rendered his leg temporarily unusable, but even after his recovery he walked with a limp. This injury caused him a lot of emotional grief, but it also caused him to become increasingly closer to Katherine’s friend Crutchie, who helped him adjust to his new lifestyle. As much as everyone sympathized with Darcy, no one could really know what he was going through, which is why he probably became so friendly with the younger man to begin with. After Darcy recovers, he ends up having to walk with a cane for the rest of his adult life. Darcy and Alice end up becoming the parents of only one child, a girl, Corinne. And they treat their girl like a Queen, there’s no question about that. Alice and Darcy make sure that they never have a nanny on hand. They want to be able to raise their child all by themselves, even though sometimes that is difficult. Every once in a while, when they both have to be at the office at the same time, they end up trading the baby off between the two of them, and if they’re having a particularly busy day, sometimes Corinne may be passed between three or four of their co-workers in addition to themselves. It’s hectic, but the refuse to get a nanny, because of the horrible experience Darcy had had as a young child. Eventually, Darcy and Alice both retire and live the rest of their days doing the things that they’ve always loved. Darcy finally got his opportunity to do studies in architecture and Shakespearean literature and Alice was able to do the traveling that she’d always wanted to. Many years later, the two of them finally find it time to move into a retirement community and Katherine, Jack, Crutchie, Davey, and Nellie were soon to follow. Darcy and Katherine seemed to revert back to their old way, tormenting the other residents and yes, even hiding under tables to grab their ankles once or twice. Katherine and Jack’s daughter Lillian visits regularly and so does Corinne. AND THEY FREAKING LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
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