Let's play hide and seek

8 hiders, 1 seeker when the Seeker finds each person each person dies but if they get out before the seeker finds them then they'll live, when they play they all have to take four shots of hardcore alcohol three pills. There is new hiders each chapter so be careful.


1. Hi I'm the seeker

Hi I'm Alex The seeker yes the person who kills the people when I find them don't judge me it's just my job they choose the worst people in each chapter there is gonna be 8 Hiders and there different each time no one should be able to get out but some do get lucky, also I tell these hiders that there in danger so they have to find somewhere to hide and looks like they should be able to, I will talk in a microphone telling them where I am but I'm not actually there I just try to make sure to see who screams first anyway good luck to the players going first which are.


Anthony- addicted to heroine, sex addict, been to jail 7 times 


Amelia- addicted to raping children, addicted to cocaine


Barney- Sex addict 


Cecilia- addicted to crystal meth


Jackson- The back talker, Rapist, Sex Addict


Kelsey- The innocent 


Kasyn- alcoholic, cocaine addict 


Žyan- Alcoholic, Cocain Addict, Rapist, Meth Addict

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