Let's play hide and seek

8 hiders, 1 seeker when the Seeker finds each person each person dies but if they get out before the seeker finds them then they'll live, when they play they all have to take four shots of hardcore alcohol three pills. There is new hiders each chapter so be careful.


3. 2nd eight people

Alan: innocent 


Alexis: innocent


Brad: drug addict 


Cesha: Alcoholic 


Dulce: Detox Addict


Fraya: Rapist


Jessie: Sex Addict


Liem: Sex Addict 


Intercom: hello im  alex everyone I'm the seeker and you should've read the rules on the way in here you are the second group and were gonna add one rule lights off🔌 good luck 


Fraya: Alan where are you? oh your right behind me huh?✋😉

Alex: hello Fraya 

Fraya: Alex😰

Alex: guessed it right

intercom: 7 people left

 Alan: no you killed my wife!!!

Alex: honestly I don't care 

Alan: because your a murderer 

Alex: no aha It's my job goodbye Alan

intercom: 6 people

cesha: hi my name is Cesha I've always grown up

with alcoholics and looks like I turned into one

i always told everyone in my family I wouldnt

turn into one but look I did and now im

getting killed by a crazy person named Alex 

i honestly don't wanna die yet I'm only 17 

and I don't wanna die I'm too young 

Brad: hi I'm Brad my girlfriend is Cesha and you just learned about her 

but I've been with her sense I was 10 and yea

i know I'm a druggie 

and she's a alcoholic but we love each other 

Alex: Talking shit about me huh?

Cesha: please don't kill me your an asshole

Alex: you can't even see me 

Cesha: no shit

Intercom: 5 more people

Alexis: babe look an exit sign

liem: there's a door too

Intercom: 3 more people

Brad: I'm fucking running until I just ran into a very sharp knife

well looks like it's goodbye world😌

intercom: 2 more people

Dulce: Alex please just come and stab me or shoot me 

*shots go off*

Jessie: she didn't fucking mean it!

Alex: we'll Jessie looks like your the last one to die

Jessie: too late you can't kill me I just killed myself 


A/N: I know this chapter was boring too sorry I was trying to think of ideas but anyways imma try and get better at writing this kind of stuff.


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