Let's play hide and seek

8 hiders, 1 seeker when the Seeker finds each person each person dies but if they get out before the seeker finds them then they'll live, when they play they all have to take four shots of hardcore alcohol three pills. There is new hiders each chapter so be careful.


2. 1st eight people

Afternoon everyone I'm Alex and I'm the seeker today you are playing hide and seek I'm gonna tell you the rules you shall hide and I find you when I find you I kill you but if you escape you shall never tell anyone they'll just think your crazy, this is my job and your gonna have to deal with this I hear all of you are addicts except Kelsey? Right we'll back to the rules 1. You take four hardcore shots 2. Three happy pills☺️💊 3. You hide 4. I tell you where I am 5. I find you 6. I kill you so those are the rules also another rule no asking questions now have fun.

žyan: why are we doing this! Why us!

Kelsey: I'm really dizzy 

Žyan: Shut up Kelsey and go hide 

Anthony: Kelsey baby be careful we shall get out of here together

Kasyn: you can't kill me your dumb I can make it out of here before you can do anything.

Jackson: Kasyn He's gonna kill everyone of us so why waste time you have a family who cares we all don't, Alex why did you pick a group that has had issues and still does we all are friends are you just killing us so we don't have to miss one another or what! All I know is I want my boyfriend to live FYI he's Žyan I want you to leave us alone now!!!

Žyan: Jackson Stop Fucking Around you need to hide right now 

Jackson: Žyan I'm not getting out of here without you 

Žyan: fucking just hide!!!

Cecilia: stfu people I am hiding but you are making it really hard 

Alex on the intercom: I'm by the cafeteria 

Amelia: no please don't kill me PLEASE DONT!!!

*Amelia Screams* 

Intercom comes on, Amelia is dead 7 more players when I say where I am make sure not to scream or yell.

barney: woah there's butterflies😲

alex on the intercom: I'm by the bug room

barney: butterflies I wonder if there made of butter and flies 

Alex on the intercom: I'm by the band room

Cecilia: woah This thing looks cool but I don't wanna touch it 

*trumpet falls*

cecilia: shit (as she whispers) 

alex: hello Cecilia having fun knocking everything over 

*cecilia screams*

alex on the intercom: 6 more people

Žyan: OMG there's a fucking door right here as he whispers to himself

*žyan left* 

Alex on the intercom: 5 more people 

Jackson: you asshole Žyan you left me where the fuck did he go no no no Alex get the fuck away from me I don't want to die!!! I just want to leave 

Alex: you've done way worse than what I've done

jackson: please don't fucking kill me!! I didn't do anything bad 

 Ghost Žyan: just let him fucking kill you no one wants you all you are is a piece of shit 

Jackson: please don't kill me -as he starts crying-

alex on the intercom; 4 more people 

Anthony: OMG Kelsey I see you stay right there!!! Why are you walking away 

Kelsey: Anthony that's not me 

Kasyn: There is a knife stabbed into my stomach-

alex on the intercom: 3 more people 

Barney: yes mother fuckers I found the fucking door!!!

Alex on the intercom: 2 more people 

Kelsey: Anthony I love you.

Kelsey started running then she ran into something sharp a metal pole

Alex on the intercom: 1 person left, we came to the end Anthony 

Anthony: No you can't find me!!!

Alex: I just did now we can do this the easy way or hard way

anthony: just fucking kill me you killed the love of my life!

alex on the intercom:0 people left 


      A/N we'll hopefully you enjoyed this chapter favorite this and follow me and read my other book also, the other chapters shall be better I will try to update as much I can thanks 





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