love is a bitch

catiana is a average 16 year old with the perfect life but romance never goes her way what happens when she gets cheated on twice with in a year.


1. meet the devil in disguise

hey my name is catiana im 16 and i attend ALDC my best friends are maddie, mackenzie, nia and kendall ive been dancing with them since i was 5 i have long wavy red hair and tan skin my eyes are a bright blue anyway thats a little about me on with the story.


i walked into dance on thursday and met up with my friends, we were warming up when Abby came in and told us we had a new dancer joining our team and we were to make him welcome, she also said that he is my new duet partner because aaron my old partner passed away.

the new boys name was harrison he had dark brown hair and hazel green eyes he was so good looking like seriously damn anyway we just got told we were doing maddies old duet this girl has gotta be kissed, i love this duet but i have to kiss harrison in our first dance but i guess i dont have a choice as we were rehearsing we did the duet marking the kiss but Abby didn't like that so we had to do the duet kiss and all i wont lie it was amazing his lips were so soft and i got butterflies it was time to go home but harrison kissed me goodbye and gave me his number well that was weird anyway that night i texted harrison telling him about the in10sity dance competition in Canton,Ohio great time to face the rotten apples again.


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