My O2L Boys

Diamond & her best friends; aka the members of O2L, have been best friends for 4 years. But when the guys find out they are going on tour, they have to leave Diamond behind...what will happen to the best friends? Will their friendships last, or will they crash because of all the famous attention?Who will take Diamond's heart into their hands, and try to protect her from anyone who tries to take her heart away?


2. New Girlfriend?

When we get to my house, I get out of the car and told him that he could come in, to help me pack up for the night.

I unlocked the door & went straight upstairs, with Sam right behind me....he followed me into my room. It wasn't awkward for me anymore...for a guy & I to be alone in a room together...I've gotten used to it. But being in a room with Sam, alone, makes me nervous, I feel like I'm going to do or say something stupid.

As I gather up my clothes, shoes, shower stuff(yes, I shower at their houses;locking the door of course), chargers, headphones, and of course, girly items; Sam sits on my bed, just watching me. When I get done, I sit right next to him, probably a few inches away. We sit in silence, until he speaks up...

Sam: "So, are you going to skate today, or dance? Because you impress everyone, either way." *playfully smirking*

Me: "I think I might dance more today. Maybe where no one can see me this time. I wanna try something different, and I don't people to laugh at me if I fall."

Sam: "well whatever you try, I bet you'll be absolutely amazing at it."

Me: "Thank you Samuel, you always know what to say.", Only I was aloud to call him Samuel, he liked it when I called him that...he knows it's me, & he also sometimes calls me by my full name...

Sam: "You're very welcome, Diamond", he is the only one who calls me Diamond...I don't know why though, I mean...I never told the rest of the guys they couldn't call me by my full name, oh well.

We just sit there, it's been 5 minutes with no words. All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my face...I turned my cheek. When I looked at him, he smiled...I smiled...we just kept eye contact. Inches apart, still smiling...Sam looks down at my lips & back up to my eyes. He gradually comes closer to kiss me, but then...

*ring ring ring*

The eye contact stopped, I got up to give him privacy. I told him that I'll be right back, he nodded ok & answered the phone.


Sam's POV:

Phone Call:

-Sam: What?!

-Ricky: Woah did I interrupt something?

-Sam: Umm yeah kinda! *takes breath* uhh never mind that, what did ya need?

-Ricky: We were wondering when you guys were coming to the skate park, we need to tell you's about the tour.

-Sam: okay, be there soon we just have to get some more stuff.

-Kian: btw, you're on speaker. Also, don't do anything dirty. *I could hear the smirk crawling up on his face.*

-Sam: haha yeah whatever guys be there soon.

*click* End of phone call

I walk downstairs to see if Dia was ready. I find her sitting on the couch watching tv & drinking lemonade.

Me: "what's up?"

Dia: "oh nothing really. Everything is in the car already. I just gotta go wash the glass & I'll be out."

She gets up, passes me...and without looking at me. Either something is wrong, or we just got awkward.

Me: "Dia? Is everything okay?"

Dia: "ummm yeah, I'm fine." She looks like she was crying.

Sam: "Then why were you crying?" answer.... "Come on Diamond, did I do something wrong? Was trying to kiss you the wrong move? 'Cause I can back off, I don't want you crying---"

My words were cut off by her soft lips on mine. I was shocked, but then I started kissing her back. It was sweet, soft, and priceless....I've been waiting for that to happen for 3 years now. I'm so glad that she's finally least I need to ask her to be my girlfriend first of course.

My thoughts were interrupted by her breaking the kiss....I smiled at her, she smiled at me.

We starting back out to the car. I opened the passenger door for her, let her get in. Then I went to the drivers side, hopped in, looked at her, looker forward then started driving to the skate park. The drive was silence except for the music from the radio.

Dia: "when did you, ya know....start having feelings for me?"

Me: "about 3 years ago....I tried to keep it to myself, but the guys told me that I should tell or show you before the tour."

Dia: "why before the tour?"

Me: "the summer camp you go to, some of the guys came up to us last year & asked if you had a boyfriend, & when we said no, they said that they were going to ask you out next year....meaning this summer"

Dia: "oh ok, well, like you, I've had feelings for you for 3 years also....and I've turned down 7 guys, just so I could keep myself free for you, but then I started doubting myself.....but then there is today"...."gosh, I don't even think that made sense"

Both; "Hahahaha"

Me: "well, since that's out of the way..." *still kinda laughing*...."I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?"

Dia: "I'd love to be your girlfriend." *smiling & blushing; looking out the window to try to hide the blushing*

Before we both knew it, we were at the skate park. I parked the car, noticing that the guys were looking our way...

Me: "I got a plan, follow my lead... Wait?! Are you okay with holding my hand so early?"

Dia: "haha I'm okay with it. But if you're doing what I think your doing, come open my door, plus have sunglasses it'll seem very Twilight-ish haha, they're mouths will drop."

Me: " this should be fun" *smiling like crazy; trying not to laugh*

I get out of the car, smirking...I put on my sunglasses, open her door. I didn't really notice that Diamond was wearing a dress, but she got out of the car, like the model does in the Fantastic Four a little hair flip. She puts on her sunglasses. And instead of grabbing my hand, she grabbed my waist, so I just went with it; I grabbed her waist & we started walking. The guys were staring, she laughed & had a smirk on her face. This should be really fun.

Dia: "hey guys. What's new?"

Kian: "hmmmm I don't know, why don't you tell us?"

Me: "oh yeah, we're dating now....I'm glad you guys convinced me to ask her to be my girlfriend...I should listen to you guys more often."

Dia; "okay well, I'm going to go dance. I'll be in the woods, where the bench is....just follow the path to come and get me."

She walked away, into the woods....when she disappeared, I was asked so many questions. I promise you, they could become interrogators, with how many questions they're asking me. I answer all of them, then before they could ask anymore, I just start skating.

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