My O2L Boys

Diamond & her best friends; aka the members of O2L, have been best friends for 4 years. But when the guys find out they are going on tour, they have to leave Diamond behind...what will happen to the best friends? Will their friendships last, or will they crash because of all the famous attention?Who will take Diamond's heart into their hands, and try to protect her from anyone who tries to take her heart away?


6. ~Breakfast Time~

Diamond's POV:

Sam & I walk into the restaurant holding hands. I could feel the stares from a bunch of different girls within the restaurant. I walked with my head up, & I was pulled closer toward Sam's body. He pulled me closer & whispered in my ear..."you're the only one"...I guess he could tell that I was feeling uneasy & less confident than this morning. I nod my head & smile at him.

JC: yo, lovebirds! Over here! *motioning us to the table*

Sam & I walk towards the table. The boys chose a semi-circle booth with a few chairs in front of it. Kian & JC sat in the chairs, while the others piled into the booth.

Sam: I want to be in the middle with Diamond.

The guys looked at Sam for a minute, confused but then they shrugged their shoulders & got out. Sam slid in...I stood there, waiting. I thought it'd be fine to sit on the end.

Connor: Dia...sit down.

I nodded my head & slowly slid into the booth. Connor slid next to me, while the others piled in on the other side of him. Sam & I were practically squished; our shoulders were touching & same with our legs. I didn't mind, honestly, but I was just a bit suspicious as to what's happening.

Sam: so guys, Diamond is coming with us on tour.

Connor shocked in the middle of his drink & started coughing. I started patting him on the back & soon he stopped coughing. He collected himself, then began to speak.

Connor:'re coming with us?

Dia: yep.

Connor: how are we going to do the hotel rooms? & on the buses, restroom situations...I mean I know that Dia needs her space. And...

Dia: I'll be fine.

Trevor: I don't think he's worried about you Dia...he's talking about management. They wouldn't let a girl room with all of us guys.

Sam: that's why they are giving all of the people coming on tour, their own level. Like no one else can get on unless you're in the show. So we'd all share a connected room, but Diamond would get her own restroom, her own bed, & her own ability to go wherever she wants on the level.

Trevor: so management is letting her come with us, if she stays a virgin basically?

I choked on my drink, causing me to spit it all over Kian, who was sitting directly in front of me. All of the guys looked at Kian, then slowly faced their attention towards me.

Dia: I-I'm so sorry Kian.

The guys looked at me, then at Kian. They all started laughing, even Kian.

Dia: w-what?

JC: we're laughing because you spit your drink at Kian's face. But why'd you do that?

Dia: did you not hear Trevor?

Kian: yeah we heard him *cleaning his face with a napkin* what about it?

Dia: uh, but...w-what'd you mean by that Trevor?

Trevor: well...

Sam: Trevor...*glare*

Trevor: yes? *innocent look*

Sam: whatever...go ahead & tell her *goes to the restroom*

Trevor shrugs his shoulders & begins to talk

Trevor: well management is allowing you to come with us, but are giving us a lot of restrictions. If anything you losing your virginity, then they'll be responsible and you'll never be allowed on the tour with us again. You and Sam can't sleep in the same bed, cuddle, kiss, basically you're not allowed to be in the same room  with Sam. Sam thinks he can get away with anything...which is why he requested a joining room.

JC: ...but with all of us in the two rooms together, you would have more freedom. Management can't control your relationship, they just say they can. The guys & I would be bringing in girls anyways. There is always one room that doesn't get used, so all the guys usually find it, then we go in there with the girls, because in that room, management can't find us.

Trevor: ...BUT I don't think Dia is ready for that with Sam.

Kian: I mean, Sam will respect her decision if she doesn't feel like she's ready, but the room is there if she is.

Dia: you guys are talking like I'm not here.

Kian: well then...are you ready?

Dia: w-what?

Kian: are you ready to take it that far with Sam? Since you two have known each other for awhile now.

Dia: know my thoughts on that already. Not until I'm completely, 100% sure that I'm ready. I'm pretty sure you'll find out if I lose my virginity on this trip or not.

JC: yeah that's sh, he's coming.

Sam: did you guys finish telling her? *glare*

Dia: yeah they told me everything, no need to be mad at them. They just told me about how management was really strict & that you and I need to watch what we do around people. They didn't go into specifics, you're completely fine. *lying*

I know I shouldn't lie to him, but he looks really pissed off at them. He calmed down after me telling him that.

Sam: alright love.

He sat down & gave me a peck on the lips. I put my head on his shoulder, while his arm was wrapped around mine. I thought for a second then got a fun idea. I put my hand on Sam's chest, then I gradually started moving my hand up & down on his chest, getting close to his pants-line. His eyes widened & his breathe deepened every time my hand came close to it.

Trevor: um Sam...what's wrong with you?

Sam: um nothing, nothing at all. I'm perfectly fine, why do you think I have something wrong? *fast talking*

Dia: yeah I mean...he looks perfectly fine to me *giggle*

Sam glares at me, nervously, but still a glare. I just kinda smile innocently & gave him a small peck on the lips. Sam looked at me, like he was thinking. Then, a smirk creeped upon his lips; I knew I was in trouble.

Dia: oh shit *whispered to myself*

Sam: yeah Diamond is right, I'm perfectly fine.

Once he said that, he placed his hand on my knee. I knew I was about to receive my payback.

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