My O2L Boys

Diamond & her best friends; aka the members of O2L, have been best friends for 4 years. But when the guys find out they are going on tour, they have to leave Diamond behind...what will happen to the best friends? Will their friendships last, or will they crash because of all the famous attention?Who will take Diamond's heart into their hands, and try to protect her from anyone who tries to take her heart away?


1. Last Day of 10th Grade

"Connor! I can't believe you!", Connor just poured ice cold water on me, in the middle of class!!!

"Oh, my bad, I just thought you needed a wake up, ya know, since it's last day of school!" Connor shrugs his shoulders, with a smirk on his face. Gosh, Connor might be my best friend, but he sure can be annoying & evil sometimes. It's the last day of 10th grade & I was taking a nap, smooth Dia.

"Haha whatever Connor. What are the guys doing?"

"They're hanging out by the tree in the back of the schoolyard. They were asking where you were, so I came to find you haha. We are going to talk about something, we need you there."

He sounded nervous and upset, I wonder what is wrong. I just nodded & walked silently to the back schoolyard with Connor. When we got there, the guys were sitting under our usual tree. I walked over and sat between Sam & Kian. No one said a word to me, this never I'm really worried. Me, being my usual self, I decided to speak up…

"So what's up with y'all?" Yet, no response. Just stares & silence.

"Okay, seriously. What happened? Did I do something wrong? Is it because I couldn't come with you guys to---" I was cut off by Kian…

"Dia, we all promise you, you did nothing wrong. We just needed this meeting to update you on our YouTube channel..."

Sam: “We got a call yesterday, we are going on tour to meet our fans…”

Me: "Well that’s great! Why are you guys upset then?

Sam: “The tour starts next week. We’ll miss our usual summer vacation together. We tried talking to the people who are incharge of the tour, and they thought that having a girl on the road with us, would distract us from what we are supposed to be doing.”

Kian: “ We are supposed to get the tour schedule tonight. They said that we would have time off the tour, but we wouldn’t be coming home for the break….we’d be staying at a hotel for a week or two. So, we were thinking that maybe…. you could come during our breaks, and hangout with us wherever we are at? I mean… if you want.”

Me: “Well if I’m not busy with dance and singing classes...and if the people allow me to come. It definitely sounds like fun though.”

Connor: “Okay, great. Oh, I almost forgot, Dia… the guys and I are going to the skate park, then head back to my place for some movies and a sleepover...Do, you think you could come...if your parents don’t mind of course.”

Me: “Yeah of course, my parents won’t mind, they’re out of town this weekend anyways, plus they trust you guys not to do anything too stupid. I just need to stop by my house to get a few things. When the last bell rings, I’ll ride the bus home, then grab a few things and walk over.”

Sam: “Dia, if you want, I could drive you home, you could grab your stuff, and I could drive you to the skate park…..ya know, so you can hangout with us more.”

I noticed the guys smirking and trying not to laugh….they’ve been doing that for the last few weeks, I didn’t understand why, so I just ignore it until one of them bring it up.

Me: “Oh,umm yeah that’ll be great. It’s a long walk to the skate park anyway, I’m okay with that.”

Sam: “Great! Umm, I’ll meet you by your locker after the last bell.”

Me: “Yeah, okay. I gotta go, I promised the girls that I’d meet up with them before school ended. See you guys later.” *standing up, waving at the guys, and start to walk away.*

As I walked away, I heard the guys teasing Sam about something, for a second I thought that they were talking about Sam and I….I don’t know though.

The truth is, I’ve always had feelings for Sam, I just learned to keep them to myself….or at least I try. The guys try to avoid dating their close girl friends….so I don’t try to show my feelings for Sam.

*skip until the last bell of the last day of school*

I was walking out of the classroom, not watching where I was going….until I knocked into Sam. We both fell to the ground, rubbing our heads….gosh, smooth Dia, just the thing to do, on the last day of school, too.

Sam: “Oh my bad, I’m sorry Dia. Are you okay?”

Me: “haha yeah...I’m fine, are you okay?”

Sam: “haha yeah. I was gonna go to my locker and get the rest of my stuff….I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

I walk away, still rubbing my head….as I get to my locker, I see a note and it’s from the guys….it says…

“Hey Dia! We just wanted to let you know that Sam might ask you on a date, he’s liked you for awhile...he’s just too shy to say anything...don’t tell him we said anything. Good Luck!”

Oh My Gosh!!! Sam really likes me! I can’t believe it! Wait?! He might ask me out on! I’m freaking out… Oh my gosh, he’s coming this way, I gotta calm down. *takes deep breath and takes everything out of the locker*

Sam & I walk to the car, without a word. I get to the passenger and before I could open the door, Sam opens the door for me...I say thank you, and slide right into the passenger seat. He gets into the car, and turns his head, he starts smiling at me… he starts driving to my house.

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