My Bestfriends Ex

Mya and Aria are best friends. When Mya finds out that Aria and Luke (her crush) from 5sos broke up she tries to fight the massive crush she has on him. Does he like her back? Does she get with her 'Bestfriends Ex'?


2. tissues and ice cream

'Say my name Mrs All American!' I sing while dancing listening to Mrs All American by 5sos. My phone started playing Good Girls, I was getting a phone call from my bestfriend Aria, 'what's up Ari?' I say cheerfully, 'well Luke just broke up with me after 2 years so I'm not doing so well' she sobbed into her phone. 'Oh my god Aria, come over I have ice cream and Netflix' I offer 'ill b over in 10' she was here in 10 minutes on the dot, she just barged into my Sydney apartment without knocking, 'h-hello' she slowly looked up at me with her green eyes big puffy and red. 'Aww Ari you're gonna make me cry too'

*after 2 movies on netflix*

'What do you suppose I do Mya?' She says with no emotion, 'I have no idea, he didn't deserve you (he deserves me) so just forget him and move on' I say hugging her, 'I guess your right' 'Aria, you know I'm always right' I giggle trying to make a joke, she fake smiled.

'Well I think I should go, it's 10pm and we have school tomorrow, ugh I have to face Luke tomorrow!' She whispers all except the last part that I'm pretty sure the whole apartment building would've heard 😳 'don't worry bout it, you have me to talk to instead, since you've had Luke you stopped talking to me so much in school' I say trying not to sound too sad about it, 'oh god I'm sorry Mya I didn't realise' she exclaimed.

That night I couldn't sleep too well because I was thinking about Luke, I shouldn't be but I was I like him sooo much that I think I actually love him. Did I seriously say I might love him?! Omfg stop thinking like that! I was also trying to decide whether or not to tell Ari

'She looks so perfect standing there in my American apparel underwear' played on my alarm clock, I might sound I little obsessed but I'm not as bad as you think haha I promise.

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