My Bestfriends Ex

Mya and Aria are best friends. When Mya finds out that Aria and Luke (her crush) from 5sos broke up she tries to fight the massive crush she has on him. Does he like her back? Does she get with her 'Bestfriends Ex'?


1. prologue

I have Blonde hair, blue eyes, 17 years old. At 11 I made my bestfriend Aria, she has blonde hair and bright green eyes, also 17 years old. In school Ari and I are very popular, most the boys like Aria. But I do know Michael Clifford likes me which is good I guess.

She took my crush when we were 15 and ever since they have been together. Luke isn't very nice to me at school unfortunately.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the story of my Bestfriends ex

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