Giselle Ora is a 16 year old from France. She moves to Amsterdam and finds herself in a magical situation when she finds out she is a Spellcaster, a group of wizards that are in training to keep the world in balance when the older Spellcasters die. Mr. Soter is a Spellcaster trainer, he trains Giselle and explains to her why she was chosen to be a Spellcaster. Giselle, along with her dog Senor Bubbles are put to the test to see if she can be a Spellcaster.


1. moving day

Packing my bags, saying goodbye, and leaving are the hardest things to do when you are moving. I am Giselle Ora and I am an expert on moving days. After all I have done it 10 times. My dad is a pilot in the U.S. so I move around a lot. Now we are going to Amsterdam from France and today is the day we are leaving. Lots of friends to leave, lots of things to pack, lots of leaving. I am used to it all, though. As I pack my red shimmery suitcase, and call my friends to say goodbye, and walk out the door, a tear drips down my face. It is hard to understand it all. The only thing I really understand is that I am leaving and going far away. Here is me on moving day:


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