Forest Walkers

Kitzunes have arrived at this enchanting place but to Matilda Strongborn it has been a wild yet mysterious life to her. Being the only child and parents have disappeared. She comes across a life she can never reverse.


1. Beginnings


    Underground a forest thrived to survive the hard years of war and many
creatures of night and day. However, one day a pack of Kitsunes wandered
through the dangers of the overgrown forest. Once they were deep into the depths of the grassy woodland, they came across a wide opening into a large meadow. Off to the right of the field was a massive waterfall that flowed down sharp rocks into a sparkling blue pool. Towards the center of the meadow there was an extensive and vast tree. They inched closer, being cautious if any creature burst through the thorny bushes. Their paws quietly crunching while they trotted forward in the mildew grass.
   Suddenly the leader of the pack took off sprinting his thin gray legs up the dark chestnut trunk of the tree, jumping from branch to branch, scoping out if there was any dangers. The others waited at the bottom for his return.
After about half hour the leader came crashing down through the leaves,
landing on all fours close by. His furry face began to morph. Cheek bones
became visible as his icy blue eyes swirled into a calming gray. Strands of Jet
2black hair began to sprout from his scalp, falling upon his forehead, swooping
over his left eye, down past his ears, and brushing his shoulders.
   “The tree seems to be safe. We found a place to call home, let’s begin.” He
ordered. His thin lips curling into a smirk, eyes glinting as he turned to look at the
massive tree. “Dennis, go gather wood in the near by trees. We will need all the
wood that we can get.”
   Days and weeks flew by as the pack began to build stairs winding around
the width of the tree and making platforms for walkways, all the way to the
hanging homes hanging high and low throughout the tentacles flourishing from
the enormous trunk, that will soon fill with couples and families of generations to
come. All the work came to a close months later, the new home underground in
the middle of a grassy mysterious forest began a town called Alma Silvana.

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