Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


7. Chapter 7

After a brief examination -Ron had learned when she was sick and what was wrong by now- Ron had determined that she probably had the flu which was true. Hermione had went back to sleep in his arms. She had begun to sweat and shiver. Ron had reduced her to her bra and panties. He had also wrapped her in a blanket.

Hermione looked very tiresome. She also was a bit sweaty though not much anymore. Her face was a bit green but she didn't seem too nauseated. He didn't see her look like she needed to go. That was good. Hermione frowned and made her 'save me I'm having a bad dream' face. Hermione looked very scared. A few moments later she fear wee'd a little bit. Ron tried to wake her a little, he could not bear the sight that Mione was so terrified she wee'd. Hermione frowned and buried her face in his chest. She whimpered to state that she didn't want to wake. Ron sighed and let her sleep.

(Not finished.)


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