Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


6. Chapter 6

(A/N.. So guys! I am sorry I haven't posted in forever but I NEEDED a new cover before I did so. So I give the shout-outs to all my same peeps, plus a new name on the list. I have known him for a while....he's the sadistic man known as @Dominic Regato. No he is not on Movellas.) 

Ron noticed a few moments later that Hermione seemed to need the loo. Ron sighed softly. He didn't know what to do. He knew he shouldn't wake her but they didn't have anymore clean sheets. He definitely couldn't carry her to the toilet because he thought he would wake her. Goddamn it...what was he going to do, she obviously needed to go. Ron just got up and walked around with her so that she may wake, but if she did have an accident she wouldn't soak the sheets. Unfortunately...Ron got peed on. Ron was a good husband as he knew it wasn't her fault and he just cleaned and changed her as well as himself.

A few hours later Hermione woke up "Ronald...." She said in a soft whispery voice. Ron turned to look at her "Yes 'Mione?" He asked softly "I don't feel too-feel too-" she responded but was cut off by a tiny kitten like sneeze. She only done those sneezes when she was sick. Ron frowned softly and asked "You don't feel good?" He asked. She nodded to show that she didn't feel well. She sneezed again and coughed softly. 'Damn....' Ron thought 'Here we go again.'

((A/N so the eleven year old isn't that good of an author. Sorry about the whole one paragraph just being her needing to pee but hey the woman is pregnant what can I do? So if anyone knows where TrisEaton, or IShipDramione is then tell me because I have no idea and I miss my friends.....😫. Lol I'm sorry I'm posting this in my movella. But anyway Dominic Regato is my friend on skype. He's sadistic (told me so himself :P) and he's.....he quotes shit from every single thing ever. He likes Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and he's like me. Crazy and unique in our own way :) He's my best friend as well as like....three hundred other people I met on omegle and chatzy. Well bye guys! ~Caroline Evans))

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