Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


5. Chapter 5

Hermione sighed as she sat at the table and took in the sight of the house...she never really appreciated the beauty of it...beautifully painted and furnished, the floors hardwood and shiny. Hermione was thinking about the beauty before she winced, squinting her eyes as a sharp agonizing, pain shot through her chest and Ron noticing looked over "Something the matter?" He asked to Hermione who shook her head frowning. Ron sighed but went back to cooking and a few moments later he took her plate and served her "I had four helpings last night, I'm not hungry." He said looking at her disapproving face to which Hermione sighed and began eating hurriedly as though she hadn't seen food in months.

A while later Hermione had finished with her food and was blushing deeply but Ron just smiled and chuckled. Hermione took her plate and went over beginning to clean the dishes but abandoned them half way through to go to the bathroom. Ron chuckled and took over the dishes for her and Hermione was angry when she came back so she groaned as she saw him washing the dishes "Ronald can't I ever do something on my own for once!?" She snapped to which Ron jumped "I'm just trying to help..." He mumbled and the moment he stopped she snapped back "Well stop it and don't!" Shoving him to the side and washing the dishes on her own.

Ron was sitting on the couch once Hermione came back. He didn't know to give her, her space so he smiled and hugged her to which he got shoved off of her and actually got pushed off the couch. He growled and got up sitting back on the couch "Mione..." He said softly frowning not knowing what he had done.

A while later Hermione had calmed down and was laying on the couch watching a movie with Ron who was petting her vanilla scented, soft, bushy hair. Ron then realized that they were watching a horror movie "Dear what do you want to watch?" He asked knowing Hermione couldn't stand horror movies. The graphic violence, how everyone was so dumb...she just despised them as well as she was terrified of them. Hermione looked up to him "What do you mean? We're watching this." She stated "Because it's a horror movie and you hate these." He responded sighing. Hermione frowned knowing he loved horror movies, the action, the mystery, the suspense and fright of it all. She continued to frown as she said "We can watch this..." Ron not wanting to argue with her nodded and held her close.

A few moments later the first jump scare came on screen Hermione yelped and shakes in fright cuddling into Ron to which he sighed and changed the channel to something she liked. Hermione stayed curled up to him for a few moments before looking back to the television and beginning to watch it again. They had, had the television for a few months now so it wasn't old. It was as still as shiny as when they first bought it. Hermione sat in his lap just because she felt like it and she was uncomfortable any other way and Ron didn't object. He saw that she looked as though she was still tired which she was so he smiled and held her close "Tired Mione sweetheart?" He asked to which she just sighed and nodded cuddling up to him and feel asleep after he covered her up in the wool blanket.

((So, I'm sorry that this chapter was boring but I couldn't think of anything exiting to do. Put in the comments something exciting plz and thanks. Love you all! ~Caroline))

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