Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


4. Chapter 4

((A/N. So guys hi I'm sorry I'll try to update as much as possible but don't forget I have school like most of you do and I'm only one person (no offense or attitude in that statement) and lol seriously!? I thought I would get at least one comment for the question I left off at the end! Okay, so my friend @IShipDramione gets a shoutout for being an awesome person and friend! Love ya Anna, and my email/skype friends, ~Malin Larson, and ~Kalyssa Arendt get a shoutout for being so so very supportive. And last but certainly not least as I have known her longest and I'd trust her with my life ~Jewel Cruz, gets a shoutout for being so awesome and supportive and giving true feedback about everything I do :) so let's get back to Ron and Hermione Weasley))

Ron woke up the next morning at 9:00 and looked down at Hermione who was still sleeping and he smiled brightly. She was so beautiful when she was sleeping. Like an elegant unicorn grazing in a field. Hermione was the light of his life and his pride and joy as was their new addition. The baby and his pregnant wife were the only ones making him think things like that or else he'd just be thinking simple thoughts.

Hermione awoke two hours later when she rolled over falling off of the bed hitting her head on the nightstand and immediately beginning to cry as she had been given head trauma from Ron's nieces and nephews and didn't like the fact of falling off the bed and bumping her head. Ron jumped as Hermione fell and hurriedly got up. She began sobbing and crying once she was safely wrapped in his arms. Ron knew it would be fine as it was just the nightstand so he walked around humming to her as he rubbed her back and would occasionally kiss her cheek.

It was a few moments before Hermione stopped her crying nuzzling her head into Ron "You still tired?" He asked her to which he got a shake of her head "No..." She murmured softly before she got out of him arms walking to the bathroom. Ron sighed and went downstairs going into the kitchen.

Once Hermione had used the loo and gotten out Ron looked to her "What do you want for breakfast 'Mione?" He asked softly and she shook her head indicating she didn't want any. Ron sighed and explained how she needed to eat so her and the babies were healthy. "When did you get anything but air between your ears?" She teased to him as she sat her head on his shoulder "Since I found out about little baby Weasley." He responded "For breakfast I want muffins, sausage, and bacon...I don't feel like eggs..." She said softly so Ron smiled and went to fix it

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