Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


3. Chapter 3

(Hi guys!!! So I know I don't have the required number of people I mentioned but you guys are here and that's all that matters @IShipDramione gets a shoutout for being awesome and my first fan and believer! Love ya bro/sis!!! I will be using all pregnancy symptoms in this long fanfic so be prepared...I do use a lot of bad karma so no miscarriages but...Okay well you aren't here for me so let's see where we left Ron and Hermione Weasley!)

Ron's eyes widened and he didn't know what to say 'Ihijifijiskizalskazzle...' He stuttered unable to speak so he didn't but seeing Hermione's frowning, sad, scared face he smiled widely 'You're not angry?' Hermione asked him and he hurriedly shook his head ,'Bloody hell of course I'm not.' Ron said to her kissing her deeply and once he pulled away Hermione frowned and scolded 'No cursing in front of little baby Weasley.' To which Ron chuckled before hearing her stomach rumble. He smiled and looked down at his red-faced wife before asking 'Hungry sweetheart?' To which she lied by shaking her head biting her lip and he sighed taking her lip from her teeth 'Mione you can't do that you'll split it.' He said softly but sighed 'You're hungry and so is our baby.' He said putting an ear to her stomach and heard it rumble so he smiled and picked her up carrying her to the kitchen setting her down and watched her scurry around getting food before she sat down with her a plate and Ron smiled sitting beside her and saw her cross her legs. He didn't pay any attention as she liked to cross her legs while she was sitting but asked her as his mum knew they would be having a baby soon and had prepared him of symptoms 'Mione do you need to go to the loo?' To which she responded with a shake no of her head so he smiled and turned away looking at his hands. A while later he heard soft whimpering and looked over to Hermione who was bouncing with her hand in between her pants legs so Ron sighed and went over picking her up but apparently at the angle change Hermione's bladder bursted and she began to pee all down Ron sighing and smiling in relief as she did though it was down Ron as she laid her head on his chest quickly burying it into her as it was a bright red and Ron smiled before waving his wand cleaning the floor, then brought Hermione into the bathroom 'Alright bath time Mione, I need one next.' He said softly putting a fresh pair of clothes onto the counter and leaving. A few hours later after everything had been completed and it was finally dark and they had ate...Ron was watching Hermione try to keep her food down and sighed as she gagged and turned green getting up and hurrying to get her a bucket in which she vomited in. He sighed cleaning everything up before picking her up, carrying her to bed and placing her in it, climbing in himself then had her nuzzling into him to which he smiled and fell asleep as did the question is who woke up to find the bed soaked at three o'clock in the morning?

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