Romione; Oh baby, baby

This is a fanfiction about Hermione's pregnancy with Ron's daughter Rose and how they handled it, please comment and give feedback set five years after the battle of hogwarts and three after Ron and Hermione married


1. Chapter 1

Hermione was staring down at the tiny test in her hand that read 'First response' pacing around the bathroom of her and Ron's house in muggle London pale and sweaty from vomiting. She had been wondering if she was pregnant as she had missed a period -only by a few days though- and had developed; Nausea, and fatigue as well as random and sudden urges to go to the bathroom one causing her to run out of a meeting in her department, she also was experiencing breast tenderness (which Ron of course didn't know about) and a snappish ness as well as emotional sensitivity...Ron had gotten a good cry out for telling her 'Cut back on the chocolate frogs you're gaining a bit of weight.' She was hopeful for a baby as she had been ready for parenthood for a while now but hadn't told Ron...Ron. She sighed as she thought about this wondering how Ron would react if she was pregnant...would he be happy, or angry and demand abortion...or would he just leave completely..."No he wouldn't ever do that he loves me too much" she thought as she looked back down at the test terrified yet hopeful for the two sticks which would have meant pregnancy...the two sticks that come up a few moments later. She began to think of how she would tell Ron but as soon as she began to she heard his voice ring through the house as he came through the door "'Mione I'm home!!!" He called so she went out still pale and sweaty from vomiting "Hi..." She mumbled ((Please give feedback and comment in sorry it was long but it was long because of it being the beginning :) thank you))

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