Back in the Outback

Just a review of what Lauren and Harry r up to


1. When Ashton left

Lauren's POV

Ashton, it's so hard to mention him after he left for tour. I'm really proud of his accomplishment but I miss him. He was the man of the house, because we have no dad. He calls almost every night to make sure we are ok. My mum, Harry, my grandfather and I gather at dinner and pray for the boys of five seconds of summer to have a safe drive or flight.

Every time his concert is here in Australia we at least go in the parking lot and hold a sign. It is a 75% chance that we will not see Ashton that day. I like talking to the 5sos fam because they are cool. They ask weird questions like, have you ever seen Ashton naked or have you liked any of the boys of 5sos.

I'm not going to say anything about liking them because my brother will get pissed at the "boy" and me.

At school I am known for Female Ashton Irwin. At times I don't mind but other times I feel like I have fake friends. So with that said I really hope I see Ashton soon.

Harry's POV

When Ashton left it was like losing a puzzle piece to the puzzle. Lauren still makes fun of me because she thinks I cried when he left. That day was very windy and some dust got into my eye.

I still remember telling Ashton to set up the Barbie so mum can make us some food. We used to do that on the weekends. That was the good times.

Since Ashton left I've been getting the ladies. They are gushing over 5sos and their concerts. The girls look at their keeks and start to cry. My friend Amelia is an "ash girl " they would say. She knows everything about Ashton. She has pictures of Ashton we don't even have. I find that very creepy.

I have a girlfriend Jamie. I didn't tell Ashton. Jamie says she will not talk about 5sos but only if I bring it up. She's a good girl. Like the song Good Girls!

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