In a world where love is a concept of the mind, and the mind the ruler of your life, a perfect love story is almost always to good to be true.


3. TWO

Two Weeks Later 


"Come on Haz! You're still on ya second goddamn drink!!" Niall slurred.

The other lads cheered in agreement in their drunken states.

"Just not in the mood tonight, alright?" I snapped. I never realized how fucking annoying they were while intoxicated.

"Woah! We got a tough one over here, Lads!" Liam snorted as he slung back his 8th drink in the last hour.

"It's not like you to not be getting trashed!" Louis added.

"I said I'm just not in the goddamn mood!" I snarled. I'm one more drink being knocked over to leaving these idiots and going home.

"Has something  or someone got ya brain messed up, Haz?" Niall asked.


"A girl I bet! Who is it this time? Jane, Laura, Rebecca, Lucy?" Liam joked.

"Just fuck off, the lot of you! I'm leaving." I shouted.

They all went silent as I left but it didn't take them long to be back shouting and being assholes to the waitresses. I could hear their rowdiness from in my car.

"Fucking assholes." I grumbled as I turned the ignition to my car and heard the purr of the engine start up.

Ever since the morning that nameless girl left my apartment with my bed sheets wrapped around her and my favourite coffee mug in her hands, I haven't been able to get her out of my head. I want nothing but to know who she is. And not just her name and where she's from. Something about her makes me want to know everything there is to know about her, her favourite place in the world, her dreams and aspirations, where her birthmarks are, what she likes the most and what she hates the most, her gulity pleasures and what bands she could listen to forever. I just want to know her. 

I've been mentally kicking myself for not going after her, for not at least asking her for her name or number. I don't even know where to start in means of finding her.

I'm abruptly pulled from deep train of thoughts when a car horn sounds violently at me, followed by a, "Hey asshole! The light is fucking green, init!" 

Shit. I raise my hand in apology and put my foot on the gas before the light changes yellow. 

My stomach grumbles which makes me realize I haven't even eaten since breakfast and it's 11pm. I decide to stop at a local diner and grab a burger meal and a milkshake before my journey home.

As I'm eating, watching current events on the small box tv in the corner of the diner, I hear a female laugh from outside, the sound instantly drawing me to her.


Fuck. It's actually her. I watch as I notice she is with a male, about the same height as me, slim, dark hair. She has her arm wrapped around his and I loose my appitite. Does she have boyfriend? 

I continue watching as they make their way to their car, parked just in front of mine outside the diner. 

"Here's the keys babe, I'll go get us some milkshakes for the ride home, yeah?" I hear the guy announce. She nods and kisses him on the cheek before unlocking her car and getting in the passenger seat. 

The guy comes inside and begins ordering the milkshakes and before I know what I'm doing I am walking out towards their car. 

I take a deep breath before I tap on the window. She looks away from her phone and up at me. Her face looks even more perfect than I remember. She looks confused but winds down her window anyway. Does she remember me? It's only been a fortnight.

"Hi.." She hesitantly says.

"Hi. Um, you have something of mine." I manage to say.

She doesn't say anything, just looks at me blankly.

"A coffee mug... also a bed sheet but-"

"OH!" She laughs, obviously remembering who I am.

"Right, right! Yeah, they're at my apartment. Do you want to come pick them up? Tomorrow?"

"Uh yeah, yeah that would be good." I reply. 

She pulls out a notepad and starts writing something down. Her address I'm assuming.

"There you go..." She begins to say as she hands me the note.

"Harry." I answer for her.

"Harry. That's right."

"I don't recall your name either, I have to admit." I tell her.

She giggles. "It's Saskia."

"Saskia-". I'm cut off.

"Who's this Saskia?" A voice from behind me asks, loudly. 

I turn around to see the guy holding two milkshakes in his hand. 

"This is Harry.. He's a, a friend from college. Haven't seen him in years."

College. Really.

I decide to go along with it, for her sake. "Uh yeah, I thought I recognized her so I came to say hello." 

"Right. Well, Harry, nice to meet you. I'm Zayn."

"Good to meet you. Anyway, I should get going." I decide.

I turn back to Saskia. "Good to see you, Saskia."

"You too, Harry." She smiles.

I turn back to Zayn and give him a farewell nod. He just glares back at me. I swear I saw his jaw tighten. Psycho.


Saskia. Saskia. Saskia. 

Her name runs through my mind on my way home.

Once I'm home, I shower and head to bed. Not before getting her note out of my jacket pocket and reading it.

'Apartment 132, Level 4, Brooksway Drive. - Thanks for that coffee by the way.'

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