Because of You

Struggling with her dad's cancer situation and just starting college is making life too problamatic for Aria, but can a rude, tattoo covered guy come and make it any worse?


4. Chapter 4

I look down to see the strong smelling alcohol drip from the end of my dress. "Oops," the girl who I suppose if Harry's girlfriend drops the red Solo cup at my feet and crosses her arms. The ends of my hair are soaked as well. "I didn't see you there." A smirk creeps onto her face and I know she spilled her drink on me on purpose.

"The fuck is wrong with you?" Harry rushes by my side. Is he... defending me?

"Calm down, babe. Just trying to have some fun." Lia smirks again and tries to grab Harry by his arm. It's obvious she's had too much to drink. I take this time to run down the stairs, already feeling the painful sting behind my eyes.

On my way down, I hear a loud slam of a door and the clicking of Lia's heels behind me. "Thanks a lot." she gives me a glare and storms off. I stand there at the foot of the steps, taking what had just happened. I smell of liquor and it's making me sick. I look through the crowd to find Alisa. I finally spot her crazy hair and make my way towards her.

"What happened to you?" Alisa widens her eyes after noticing me.

"I wan't to go." I say.

Alisa started to nod. "Yeah, yeah. Let's go." Alisa says a quick goodbye to her friends and leads me to her car. I get into the passenger seat and focus my attention to the green trees outside. After what seems like a millennium of silence, Alisa pulls into the dorm parking lot. I'm glad that she didn't ask what had happened since I wasn't up to it to explain. But I know she'll ask sooner or later.


"She really is a bitch." Alisa eats a handful of chips. She ended up asking me after I took multiple showers to try to get the disgusting scent of alcohol off of me. Alisa claimed that my hair smelled nothing like it after the first shower, but I took another one anyways.

"The weird thing is, I think Harry stood up for me..." I trail off.

"Harry sticking up for you? No offense, but that would never happen." Alisa laughs.

"I don't know... I guess it wasn't technically standing up for me."

"Aria, Harry never sticks up for anybody. He's the douche who sleeps around."

"Isn't Lia his girlfriend?" I thought for sure she was. Her appearance and attitude is a perfect match for Harry's.

"No, no, no. Harry doesn't do relationships. He likes fucking the same girl multiple times, but he's never actually with her."

"How about you? Have you ever... you know?"

"I'm not a whore Aria." Alisa smirks.

"Oh no! I wasn't implying tha-"

"Don't stress. I know what you mean." Alisa chuckles. "But yes, Harry and I did have sex. It was a one time thing and I don't plan on Harry ever touching me again."

"Is it rude for me to ask why?" I wonder if Harry's done anything bad to Alisa...

"I may or may not have my eye on someone else." Alisa smirks.

Alisa and I spend the rest of the night talking about her new crush, but she never mentioned his name during the conversation. We ended off by watching a movie which was too gruesome for me to enjoy.


"You should really start reading this trilogy," Connor hold up his 'Insurgent' book, "it's really good." I nod and start to straighten my hair. My naturally straight hair is bent different ways from sleeping on it damp last night. I woke up this morning feeling tired and seeing the formation of dark circles around my eyes. I attempt to reduce both those things by applying concealer and drinking the coffee Connor had bought me on his way to my dorm room.

"Is something wrong?" Connor gets up and rubs my shoulders. The whole time he was here, I barely even spoke a word.

"Nothing, I just have a lot of stuff on my mind." I say. I don't plan on telling him what had happened last night. Not yet at least.

"You just seem... tense." Connor frowns.

"I'm fine." I lie, I'm really not fine at all. I'm still trying to find a reason for Harry's actions last night. He torments me, acts like he absolutely hates me, so why didn't he just laugh instead of get mad at Lia?

Connor sighs, "Okay" is all he replies. I'm glad that he doesn't push to ask me any further. If he does, I might just slip up and tell him I went to a party. If I do, I'm sure he would call my mother.

"Matthew invited me to play lacrosse with him today." Connor speaks up after a moment of awkward silence.

"Did he?"

"Yeah, but I denied since I'm with you."

Connor played lacrosse since middle school. He's incredibly good at the sport and I was surprised that he turned down the scholarship to the University of Denver for lacrosse. He could of made a really good career out of it. Connor loves lacrosse so much. I see the happiness on his face when he plays it. Instead of going to the University of Denver, he's attending the University of Chicago with me. I'm still not sure if he wanted to come here just for me or if he really wanted to become a doctor.

"Connor, you should go and play. I'll be fine here by myself."

"Are you sure? I'll be gone the whole day." I appreciate how much Connor cares about me.

"Yes I'm sure. Go and have some fun." I smile and Connor gives me a kiss on the cheek. After gathering his stuff, he leaves, clicking the door shut.

I sigh and put away the books that were scattered on my bed. I have nothing planned for the day except to go shopping. But the problem is that I don't have a car. I really need to go car shopping soon. Maybe I can walk. I open up my laptop and search for the nearest shopping mall. I find a large strip-mall located about 15 minutes away from the dorms by walk. Grabbing my purse and making sure I have my keys and wallet, I lock the door to my dorm and head to the mall.

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