Because of You

Struggling with her dad's cancer situation and just starting college is making life too problamatic for Aria, but can a rude, tattoo covered guy come and make it any worse?


3. Chapter 3

By the time Connor and I return to my dorm room, it's almost dark out. Every time we turned a corner in the halls, we would find yet another one to explore. The campus is absolutely breathtaking.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Connor kisses my cheek and leaves. After the door closes, I grab my pajamas and my toiletry bag. As I'm heading out the door to the washroom, Alisa rushes in.

"Oh, hi!" Alisa looks excited, a little too excited.

"Hello." I smile and continue walking out. Alisa stops me and drags me back into the room.

"Where are you going?" she asks.

"I'm going to change and wash up for the night."

"You can't! You have to go to the party!"

"What party?" I was surprised that a party was being thrown on the first day back.

"The first party of the school year of course! It's at the frat house."

"No thank you. I don't really go to parties." I shift my weight from my right foot to the left.

"What? You have to go! What else do you plan to do on a Friday night? You don't have classes until Monday!"

"Sit in bed and read." I answer without a second thought. Tat's what I usually do during the weekends anyways.

"That's boring thought! C'mon, you have to come with me." My pajamas and toiletry bag are set on my bed and Alisa takes a hold of both of my hands. "You'll have fun!"

"I won't even know anybody there." I try to make excuses not to go.

"You'll know me, and you'll know the guys. If you want, you can even invite your boyfriend. Collin, was it?"

"Connor." I correct her. She said I'll know the guys. Does that mean Harry will be there?

"Yeah, Connor. Just bring him if you want."

If I bring up going to a party, he'll surely tell my mother. Especially since she gave me strict orders not to. "Connor isn't really into parties." I try to make an excuse so Connor wouldn't have to join.

"Okay, so don't bring your boyfriend. You don't have to stay for long. Just meet some new friends and then we can leave.

It does sound a little temping, but just as Harry said, I won't fit in. "Fine." I say, wanting to prove Harry wrong.

"Yay! You'll need something to wear. Have any dresses in handy?" the smile is wide on Alisa's face.

I walk over to my closet and pull out one of the two dresses I brought. "How about this?"

"How about we try one of my dresses," Alisa grabs two dresses out of her closet and holds them up. They both look like little pieces of fabric. One is purple with studs covering it up and down. Not to mention it's way too short. The second is black with less studs, but their are holes scattered in different places, obviously meant to be there.

"I don't think they would suit me." I finally say. I hold up my own dress in front of me, standing in front of the mirror. It rests a little below my knees and the sleeves are three quarters. It's a light gray color and has just a touch of lace at the collar and end of the sleeves.

"Are you sure you want to wear that?" Alisa asks. She slips off her shirt to change and I quickly look away.

'Yeah, I think it's fine." I know she thinks my dress isn't 'fashionable', but I like it.

"Okay, now for makeup." Alisa takes out her tattered makeup bag.

"I already have makeup on." I walk into the spacious closet to change. The only reason why it's spacious is because I didn't have much to put in it. After I change ad get out of the closet, Alisa grabs a hold of my face and looks closely.

"It sure doesn't look like you have any makeup on," she lets go of me, "sit here." Alisa pats the seat of a chair that she sat in front of the mirror.

"I only put mascara on." I state. My mother always tells me to put minimal makeup on. It's a little hypocritical because she applies layers of makeup, but I like my natural face.

"I think you should add some eyeliner." Alisa pulls out a black pencil and hands it to me.

"I've never used eyeliner."

"Then I'll do it for you." She starts drawing on a thin line before I can object. "Done!" Alisa clicks the cap back on the pencil and smile. I stare at my reflection and see that eyeliner does make a difference. It brings more attention to my eyes. I'm thankful Alisa stuck with the think, simple line. After she touches up her own makeup, she drives us to the frat house.

The house is huge. It's the biggest on the street. College students are scattered on the lawn and I can see them piled up inside. I started hearing the music blasting through the windows a block away. I can tell many people don't like living around the area since I saw 'FOR SALE' in front of every other house.

Once Alisa pulls into an empty parking space, I get out of the car. Eyes immediately rest on me. Every girl I see have either mini skirts and tight tube tops on or the shortest dresses I've ever seen. Maybe it's true, I don't fit in.

Alisa takes my hand and pulls me out of my thoughts. She leads me into the frat house and more eyes are on me.

"Hey!" Niall walks up to Alisa and I with two cups in his hands. I see Zayn, Louis, and Liam lingering around the living room. They take notice of me and give me small waves. I give a small smile in return. "Drinks anyone?" Niall holds up the second cup in his hands.

"Give me that," Alisa takes the cup and downs the whole thing, "I needed that after being home with my parents all week." Her breath is laced with the smell of alcohol. Niall offers his cup to me, but I reject politely.

I look around the spacious house. It looks even larger inside. I bring my gaze back to eye lever and Alisa is nowhere to be seen. I'm left alone in the middle of the hallway with nobody that I know. I could just walk up to one of the boys, but that would be awkward, not knowing them well and all. I decide to sit on the couch until Alisa finds me. Once I walk into the living room, I see Harry sitting on the love seat with a dark purple haired girl. She's flirting with him, I can tell by how she's whispering things into his ear and how she's positioning herself on his lap. Harry seems occupied, but his eyes dart to me. I quickly turn my head and walk out of the living room. The last thing I need is Harry's insults.

Having nowhere else to go, I absentmindedly walk upstairs. One of these many rooms must be empty. I twist the first doorknob I see and it open. Two girls are laying on the bed, starting to take their clothes off.

My eyes widen, but the girls too occupied to care. "I'm so sorry!" I quickly shut the door and rush to the end of the hall. I take a deep breath before opening the very last door in the hallway. Thankfully this time, the bedroom is empty. It's much larger than the first I barged into. I'm guessing it's the master bedroom. I quietly close the door behind me and sit on the king sized bed. The left wall is covered in bookshelves which I notice are filled with numerous classics. On the opposite wall lies a large window that gives a good view of the backyard. A wooden desk is set against the wall opposite of the bed. On it is a laptop with some papers scattered around. Before I can see what those papers are, I stop myself. I shouldn't be snooping around people's things. I turn around quickly when I hear the door opening.

"What are you doing in here?" Harry asks in his deep voice, his eyes showing anger.

"I-I'm sorry," I stutter, "I didn't know this was your room."

"Get out." He rushes to his desk. The papers are gathered up and put into a folder which he tucks away somewhere safely. I quickly scamper out of the room and the girl that was on Harry's lap pours her drink on my dress on my way out. 

[Hey! I just wanted to let you guys know that this book with be EXPLICIT. Yes, meaning their will be sexual things written in here *wink wink* :P. So if you don't feel comfortable reading that stuff, just skip over it if you'd like. This was the same in my original version of Because of You as well. Just thought I would let you guys know! -Betty]

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