Because of You

Struggling with her dad's cancer situation and just starting college is making life too problamatic for Aria, but can a rude, tattoo covered guy come and make it any worse?


2. Chapter 2

"Oh, hey!" the aqua colored hair girl stands up and smiles. Piercings cover her ears while a few are scattered on her eyebrow, lip and nose. "So you're my new roommate?" She stands the same height as me, but if it wasn't for her heels, she would be at least 3 inches shorter.

"Uhm, yeah." I try my best to smile. I'm not used to hanging around people like my new room mate. I look past her at the 5 strangers sitting on both her and my bed. 

"Oh, I'm sorry," she faces them and places a hand on her hip, "get off her bed you asses." I'm taken aback by the way she spoke to her friends. At least I think they're her friends. The boys chuckle and obey. "Where are my manners? I'm Alisa," I'm greeted by another warm smile, "and these are the douchbags I call my friends."

"Alisa having manners? That's a first!" One of the boys laugh. I notice a tiny teacup tattoo on his arm.

"I'm Aria." I reach my hand out to shake Alisa's, but she goes in for a hug. I'm a little surprised, but I gently hug her back. I hear Connor clear his throat from behind me. "And this is Connor, my boyfriend."

"I'm Niall." A blond haired boy says. I notice the distinctive Irish accent.

"Louis," the boy with the teacup tattoo gives me a perk smile. Liam and Zayn introduce themselves as well. Everyone but Niall has a British accent. "Introduce yourself, Harry." Louis jabs the curly haired boy with his elbow.

"Fuck off, Louis." Who I learned was Harry, scowls.

"We'll just leave you to unpack." Liam gets up and starts dragging Harry out the door with him. The scowl is still present on Harry's face as he exits. Zayn, Louis, and Niall leave the small dorm room, apology written on their faces.

"Sorry for Harry," Alisa breaks the awkward silence, "he can be really stubborn."

 "It's fine." is all I say while Connor sets my bags on the small bed I will now call mine. 

"If you want, I can sow you guys around," Alisa offers, "it's my third year here and I know this place more than I want to."

"Thank you, but I think we'll be fine." Connor answers after seeing me have difficulty answering.

"Well here's my number if you need anything." Alisa hands me a slip of pink paper with a series of numbers scribbled onto it. Does she always have her number written on pieces of paper, ready to go? Alisa walks out of the dorm room and I'm left alone with Connor.

"Do you want me to help you unpack?" Connor begins unzipping my biggest suitcase.

"You should actually go see your own dorm room. I'll be here when you're done unpacking." I smile and Connor nods, taking off with his own bags. I'm almost done hanging up my dress shirts and dresses when I hear the door opening. I turn around expecting Connor, but Harry towers over me instead.

"Where's Alisa?" he says, eyeing me up and down with a scornful look.

"I don't know." I manage to get out.

Harry pushes past me and sprawls out on Alisa's bed, I was taken by surprise at his use of force that I almost fell over.

"Have you ever heard of a thing called manners?" I state, suddenly feeling confident.

"I don't do manners." Harry pulls out his phone and doesn't meet my gaze. I take this time to take in his appearance. A simple black t-shirt with tight black skinny jeans. He's wearing dark brown boots which completes his simple look. "What are you staring at?" I instantly snap out of my thoughts. 

"You didn't even see my look at you." I cross my arms across my chest and Harry's hate filled eyes stare into my innocent ones.

"You just told me you were looking at me." His eyes are a sea green. It's like I can't look away. "Stop staring at me." Harry turns his attention back to his cell phone. I blink a few times before turning around to finish what I had started. "Why do you where that stuff?" I'm interrupted once again.

"What do you mean?" I furrow my eyebrows together and look at him. 

"It's like 90 degrees out there and you're wearing the longest skirt I've ever seen on a college student." he says. 

"Are you insulting me?" I ball my fists up at my sides, something I've done ever since I was little.

"In a way, yes."

"I haven't done anything to you so why insult me?"

"Because it's a free country and I can," Harry has his elbows on his knees and he's looking up at me now, "plus, insults are bound to come flying at you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I get more frustrated with this curly haired boy every second.

"I mean look at you, you don't fit in."

"I don't need to 'fit in'. I'm here to learn, not do whatever you do." I try to stay calm and not raise my voice.

"Whatever," Harry gets up and leaves. Was he just here to torment me? I sigh and finish up with the last articles of clothing I still needed to fold and hang. I hear another knock at the door. Hoping it's not Harry, I open the door to find Connor.

"Oh, it's just you." I sigh in relief.

"Is everything alright? You seem a bit flustered." Connor walks in and closes the door behind him.

"Every thing's fine." I smile and push what just happened a few minutes ago behind me. "So did you meet your roommate?" I tried changing the subject.

"Yeah, his name is Matthew. Really nice guy. He wants to meet you some time."

"That would be nice."

"I've been thinking..." Connor says after a few seconds of silence.

"About what?"

"About your dorm situation. I don't think you should be around these people." Connor faces me and takes a hold of both my hands.

"Alisa seems nice." And I'm telling the truth. The physical appearance isn't too pleasant, but I can learn to accept.

"She's okay. I just don't wan't you to have to stick around if you don't wan't to." Connor's green eyes look worried for me. I can't help but compare them to Harry's. Connor's are so light and gentle. Full of emotion. Harry's are so intense and hard.  But they have a certain spark to them I can't explain. 

"I'm going to be fine. I'll let you know if I wan't to change dorms. You just have to promise me not to tell my mother. She'll make me change dorms for sure."

"I don't thi-"

"Promise me." I cut Connor off before he can finish his sentence. 

Connor sighs. "I promise."

"Now that we got that out of the way, how about we take a walk around campus." I try to lighten the mood. I could use some fun alone time with Connor.

Connor and I walked around campus for what seemed like hours. It's huge. We talked about Matthew. He's a medicine major like Connor. I'm glad that he has someone to go to classes with. I'm glad that Connor actually came to college wanting to become a doctor. He's always wanted to help people. That's what he's best at. Helping people whether, they're injured or not.

College has always been my main goal in life. After my dad was diagnosed with cancer, everything went downhill. Bills were barely paid. Mother had to work 2 jobs. I had to work as well and on top of that, late night homework and study sessions usually gave me little to no sleep. It was rough. Connor's family helped as much as they could, but they had bills of their own to pay. I managed to study and do well enough in high school to get a full scholarship to the University of Chicago. Now I can pursue my dream. 

[Hey! Here's the second chapter! I'll probably publish the third chapter tomorrow since I still have stuff to do tonight! I hope you enjoy! -Betty]

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