Because of You

Struggling with her dad's cancer situation and just starting college is making life too problamatic for Aria, but can a rude, tattoo covered guy come and make it any worse?


1. Chapter 1

"Aria!" my mother yells from downstairs.

"I'm coming!" I reply, finishing off the last curl of my hair.

"You're going to be late!"

"I'm almost finished!" I quickly unplug the curler, smooth out my skirt, and take one last look at the light makeup on my face. After grabbing my phone and quickly going down the stairs, I step into the kitchen to be greeted by Connor and my mother.

"Eat your breakfast quickly, we don't have much time left." my mother says, placing a bowl full of plain oatmeal on the counter. I grab it and sit next to Connor, hugging him hello first.

"I didn't know you were coming over." I say, spooning some of the gross oatmeal I've learned to cope with over the years.

Connor planted a kiss on my forehead. "I convinced my mother and father to ride with you. Better to get the sobbing and goodbyes at home anyway."

I nodded and got back to my oatmeal, finishing with over half of it still in the bowl. Just as I was about to grab one of my suit cases, Connor stops me and brings it to the car. Always a gentleman. Connor and I have been together for almost 5 years. 5 years of always being treated like a lady should and feeling safe with Connor. Even though Connor and I weren't the "popular" ones at school, we were still fairly known. More often as a couple than separately. I didn't mind thought. I loved Connor, I love Connor. And I'm glad that I won't be alone at college.

With one last look at the small, suburban house that I call home, I get into the car and my mom drives off to the University of Chicago.


"Don't forget to set your alarm in for the mornings." my mother reminds me.

"I won't mother," I say, knowing for sure I won't. I make sure I remember everything. "you don't have to worry."

"Don't attend parties and don't stay up too late either." she reminds me over and over again. I reassure her that I won't and she keeps listing off things she doesn't wan't me to do. "I'll miss you so much." she hugs me tightly, but the hug is over before I can hug her back. She gives me her best smile and then moves on to give just a quick of a hug to Connor. 

"Tell dad I'll miss him!" I call to my mother as she walks in her high heels to the white Buick. I wish I had time to say goodbye myself. My father's in the hospital with stage 4 Leukemia. The doctors are doing everything they can, but it's a slim chance he'll live...

"Aria," Connor grabs my shoulders lightly and looks me in my crystal blue eyes, "are you alright?"

"Yeah," I hold back the tears that are stinging my eyes, "I'm fine."

"We should get to our dorms." The boy with the light blue sweater vest and khakis that I call my boyfriend takes my bags along with his and leads the way to my dorm room.


After about half an hour of trying to get out of the busy crowds of new college students and former students reuniting, Connor and I finally make it to my dorm room. Opening the door, I stop dead in my tracks. The room is filled with 5 guys and a girl, just the kind of people I was taught to stay away from.

[Hey! I hope you like my first chapter of my updated Because of You. I know it's not as long as the original version (which will be deleted after all existing chapters are "remastered") but I will continue more chapters tonight! -Betty]

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