You have received a be message from: 0456 353 412

Hey babe how you going?

Danielle receives a message from a strange number and they start texting. They talk about all different things like who the favourite bands are like 5 seconds of summer, green day etc and what else they have in common. But this guy she is texting refuses to tell Danielle who he is and what he looks like. What happens when she founds out who he is. Will she freak out and not talk to him or be his boyfriend. Read to found out.


2. The real chapter 1

Hey guys here is my first chapter I hope you love it. It ends kinda bad but I will post more in like a day or two or maybe today for all I know. Thank you all who comment. If you haven't already please read my other fanfics Please like comment and fav it please. Thank you 


from so_i_am_mrs_hemmings xxx


Hello I am Danielle heartover. I am 16 years old and I am in year 10. I have very dark brown curly hair but I stragiten everyday. I have brown eyes and I'm fat and don't say oh your not cause it's not gonna make me change my mind. I hate myself, always have and always will! I cut everyday it makes it just a little bit better. I'm going to tell you my story but before I start I want you to know that this story isn't your average happily ever after. I haven't found my happily ever after. I am going to tell the story of my first boyfriend. I loved him so much and I will continue to love him every single. This is for you michael clifford. 

I was at home like every other fucking  day of my life. It's a Friday afternoon so it's the no more hell for mr. YAY! I wont  have to see the popular bitches for two  days. I want to get a pair of scissors and stab them in the back of the two popular girls. The twins. Let's stop talking about them now before I punch a wall. 


I just got changed out of my school  uniform and I am laying on my bed in tracksuit pants and singlet. As I lay here on my bed, I am listening to music too.  The song that is playing at the moment is I can't remember by 5 seconds of summer. 5 seconds of summer have helped me so much even thouogh I haven't meet them, they have stopped me from killing my self multiply times. While I'm am laying down, wondering in my own thouoghts I hear a ding of my phone. Who could that me no one texts.  me. No one likes me. I get up and walk over to check my phone. I see its a new   number. 

You have received a new message from: 0456 353 412-hey babe how you going. 


What the fuck who would send that to me. Ok I'm going to respond. (D=danielle M=the person who sent the  text) 



D-I'm sorry but you must have the wrong number 

M-I don't have the wrong number love this is danielle right? 





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