The Big Book Of Harry Potter

A big book of quotes, questions and thoughts, as well as little facts here and there. Maybe a couple of excerpts of fanfiction. All about Harry Potter!


19. Hold On To Your Sorting Hats, Cuz This Is Gonna Get Deep

When I first meet people, from now on I will go up to them, tell them my name and say, "Hello, I'm a Slytherin." It will tell them all they need to know about who I really am. My ambition, and my self-doubt, and all the sarcastic comments I like to make. It will tell them what a good person I am because I will fight for what I believe in, and I will be loyal to my best friends. It will tell them that I'm smart enough to make trouble but know how to stay out of it, and if they stick with me, they will be protected. But only if they know what it really means to be a Slytherin. If they don't it will tell me all I need to know about them. They are quick to judge and careful to separate people based on a single stereotype rather then who they really are and how they truly behave. They don't have the capacity to believe that one quality does not define the whole person, I will know that I do not need to be this person's friend and they do not need to be mine, because we would never get along. Or maybe it would reveal that they aren't a Harry Potter fan, in which case... *sigh*.

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