There Will Be Lies (And Then There Will Be The Truth) - Coyote Edition

- Competition Entry - Nick Lake (There Will Be Lies)

Welcome to my Competition Entry. There will be two designs here. If there were three designs, I'd feel like I'm kinda taking advantage out of this. I'm going to share the two designs here. They are entries, so please post some feedback on what you thought was nice and what you think needs to be improved: I would also love for you to leave "LIKE" or a "FAVE" Thanks!

- Luke J.R


1. [Design #1]

[Edit: 25/01/2015] (TIME) 21:13 - GMT

As promised: Well, we have our first comment, thanks to Love2Write for her dedication and her advice, along with how this work can be improved. As for the second comment, and many more to come (hopefully) - I appreciate your feedback and will be sending back my appreciation by simply: writing a review on your covers or checking them out and leaving some FEEDBACK, LIKES, Favorites and more! So, be sure to "Follow" me if you wish for more events like this. As in, you will be the center of attention due to you supporting me and many others! Stay Awesome!

- Luke J.R


Welcome to the first design. This was an original concept with a Coyote and the Court-like clothed lady who wore Pajama Jeans. So, I've changed the design and then arranged a few layers of opacity and beauty. This concept was a basic idea from just reading the first chapter of There Will Be Lies By: Nick Lake. Leave a "LIKE" if you like this design.

Be sure to comment; sharing your thoughts on what you liked and disliked about the design. Constructive Criticism would be nice. If there is any negativity that crosses the line... I will remove your comment. End of story.

- Luke J.R


- DESIGN #1 -

If you love the design, then please Favorite This Movella. 

If you have entered the competition, best of luck to you! Once the first comment is here. I'll make an update on this Movella: "You will then be able to post your Entries in the Comments Section" - Not until I say, though.

I will then check out your entries and rather "LIKE" or "COMMENT" or Both. Depending on the design's quality. 

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