Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


36. epilogue

Malie sighed as she wiped up the spit off of her shoulder, to be specific her daughter's spit. 

Yes, Luke & Malie had a daughter together now after being married for 3 years. 

And if you're wondering, Michael & Sam were now engaged. 

Calum? He's still looking for the 'one' but he's very happy now. Malie and him are now best friends, Luke being fine with it since he is as well friends with Calum and can trust him majorly.

Ashton moved back home to stay with his mom who he missed dearly. 

And everything was perfect, everybody was happy. 

And Malie could finally say "I made it." 
because after all, she did and she's more than happy now that she never ended her life and kept going. 

The Recovery was way worth it.

A/N ♕
This was such a crappy ending, I didn't even finish the story really & I was planning on making more chapters before this but it was either cut the story short or delete it all together. 

It's because I just can't write straight stories anymore.

So this is the end, and I'm sorry this booked sucked and I cut it short, there was a lot that needed to be resolved but this summed it up well enough.

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