Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


34. 3.0



So now you change my password back after you ruin my life?


You'll pay for hacking me. I'm going to beat your ass and that's a promise, Clifford.  


Don't you think I've gotten enough for this? I'm the one being hated on now. Think before you speak, Hood. You have no clue what I'm going through now.


If it makes you feel any better, my life is ruined too. I now know how you feel, how Malie felt.

  Calum kept reading the two messages Michael instantly sent back over and over again. What was Michael going through? He wondered.

  It couldn't possibly be worse than what he's going through, could it? Calum shook his head and closed his laptop with a sigh.


"Michael! You're- where were you?- you scared me! I'm so glad you're okay!" Sam yelled while embracing Michael with a warm hug and lots of kisses.

  Michael mumbled "Out, I was out." With a bored expression, trying to escape the tight embrace. But Sam wouldn't let go, making Michael grow angry.

  And when you're angry, you say things you don't mean.

  "JUST- JUST GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME! AS SOON AS I WALK IN THE DOOR YOU START THROWING QUESTIONS AT ME." Michael screamed loudly making Sam release her grip, he turned to face her to say one last thing.

  "Just- just go away. I need some time alone and you're not helping. You're not even my girlfriend anyways." Michael stated before walking off to his bedroom and slamming the door behind him.

  Sam stood there dumb-founded. He was right, they are not even in a relationship, and maybe they should never be.

  So Sam left, she left with tears in the crinkles of her eyes, the liquid building up more and more every second.


  "Just a black coffee." Calum responded to the waitress dressed in all pink, avoiding eye contact.  

"Would that be all?" Julie the waitress asked manually, staring at the young boy in front of her with a bored expression while smacking on her pink bubble gum.

  In response, Calum nodded and the waitress went off to give the order to one of her other workers. Minutes later, Julie returned with Calum's full cup of coffee, sitting down across from him at the booth.  

He looked up with a questionable look, "I'm on break and have nothing to do, wanna talk?" Julie asked since she wanted to get to know the boy.  

Calum shrugged his shoulders and brought the cup of coffee up to his plump lips, taking a sip.   "We both have nothing else to do anyways, come' on kid." Julie said, nudging Calum a little on his forearm.  

Placing his hot cup of coffee back on the table, Calum replied to the lady "Don't you see I wanna be alone?"  

"Wanna talk about it?" She turned her head side-ways a bit showing she was curious but interested.

  He thought about it for a minute before finally saying "Fine, tell me about you first."  

"I'm 23. I work well- here. My name is Julie." She said with a flashing smile, thinking of more to say. "And I have a 2 year old daughter named Mali."

  Calum shot his head up, "What'd you just say?"

  "Mali, M-a-l-i." Julie spelled out.  

"Oh." Calum responded, head looking back down again. "I thought you said something else."  

"What do you know a Mali?" Julie questioned, gum smacking louder.

  "Um, yeah my sister's name is Mali actually." Calum mumbled, taking another sip of the warm coffee.

  "Oh that's a coincidence now isn't it? I thought it was a pretty rare name." Julie stated, noticing the boy wasn't really paying attention to her.

  "Tell me about you now." She said.

  "I'm Calum." He uttered, sipping from the glass again.

  "Well Calum, anything you wanna get off your chest ?" The 23 year old asked, testing out the boy's name.

  "I lost the love of my life."


A/N ♕ Sorry it's been a while since the last update, I've been pretty busy & my chapters wont post on anything.  

Next update will be Tuesday or Wednesday maybe, or even longer + this story will be ending soon, 1-2 weeks hopefully.

  I'm officially out of school! I'm leaving for the beach soon and will be staying in S.C all weekend so idk when my next update will be but i tried fixing this chapter to where everyone can see it, hope it worked.


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