Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


32. 2.9

"I can't believe that just happened." Malie breathed out, cheeks reddened.

"I didn't know you ordered pizza!" Luke exclaimed, holding back his giggles because it was funny to be honest.

"Well, I -um- forgot." Malie uttered awkwardly while she nibbled on her piece of pepperoni pizza that was unbelievably delicious.

Basically, Malie had forgot that she secretly ordered pizza, wanting to surprise Luke and while they were in the middle of their first time together, very loudly may I add, the pizza guy had decided to show up and since Luke didn't know who it was, he answered it naked, the only thing hiding his díck was his cupped hands.

Let's just say the female pizza delivery worker was extremely flustered.

Luke finally let out his laughs, he couldn't control it anymore. Which caused him to get a punch in the arm by Malie.

"Sorry- I - couldn't help- it." Luke stuttered out, calming down and placed a gentle kiss to his girlfriend's forehead.


Michael pressed the decline button again.

He had been for the past hour now, every time Sam would call.

He hated to ignore her but he just wasn't in the mood, the two years of him bullying Malie & sort of Luke had back-fired.

Instead, now he was the one getting bullied. But to make it worse, it was cyber- bullying. The type of bullying that never goes away. You can actually see the words; the letters and it haunts you for the rest of your life.

The teenager knew he deserved it after all. He hadn't always been like this. Only for the past 3 years he had, but he shouldn't have, and now he regrets it, badly.

This time though, Sam had left a voicemail. Asking himself why not? He played it out loud, her delicate voice entering his ears.

'I know you're not okay Michael, just please call me back. I don't know if you're even alive right now *sniffles* and its making me go crazy. You're not at home and I have no clue where you are at. Please just please answer my calls, my texts, something.'

When the voicemail had ended, Michael knew he should at least show some kind of response to the girl he cared very much about but he just couldn't do it, no matter how much he wanted to.

So instead, he shut off his phone all the way and pocketed it.


"Thanks for helping me pack today." Malie whispered to Luke over the phone, trying to be quiet since Ashton was passed out on the couch in the living room.

"Of course baby, why wouldn't I've?" Luke replied, resting on his bed at his dorm, staring up at the ceiling while letting Malie's voice calm him.

"*giggles softly* because we could've been doing other things." She whispered- flirtatiously.

"As much as I wanted to, we had to get you packed up and ready since you have to catch the plane tomorrow morning." Luke said back, letting a yawn escape as he did.

"You're tired Lukey, get some rest. Besides you have to drive me to the airport in the morning." Malie calmly said, still trying to be quiet.

"Alright baby, goodnight I love you, sleep well Malice." Luke tiredly spit out.

"Goodnight Lucas, I love you more." She replied, hanging up after wards with her eyes closed as she held her small cell phone up to her chest.

Oh how she loves that boy.


A/N ♕

Short chapter but aye I changed the cover photo, do you like it?

Oh & you're probably wondering why isn't Luke going with Malie back home with her to her mom's funeral. It's because he has college duh.

& Where do you think Michael is at?

Sorry I didn't mention Calum in this chapter, oops.

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