Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


30. 2.7

Isn't it strange that you could live fine before that certain someone came into your life? They come in and make you want more and more until you fall, fall in love. Then they make a mistake or you make a mistake and it complicates everything. Even a small break without them makes you feel empty. Now all you can do is cry and wish that everything would just work out. But how can someone do this to you, when you lived before they came? You didn't cry over them then because you didn't even know them. But now that you do, that's all that you can think about. Weird isn't it?

That's what Malie wrote down in her notes on her phone, she was expressing her emotions in words because truly she didn't want to talk about it, out loud to anyone.

It sucked taking a break from Luke, but if he was the one in the hospital- possibly gonna die, Malie would've been there. Every day, every night and every moment. The only people who where there was Ashton, who was there the whole entire time even if Malie wasn't a relative, girlfriend or any such to him, he just cared for her. And Calum was there to save her life in time of death, at first he was even gonna give his to save hers, that proved something. All while Luke did nothing, he didn't even try to help save her life and that showed so much. 

But what Malie wondered with Calum was that he didn't care for her when they were dating, when they had sex, when there lips crashed upon one another's and then left for a long time making her feel dead, but then come back, show her he actually does care now, save her life multiple times and everything.

Malie didn't understand this, she was confused and didn't know what to do. 

Luke did save her life in some type of way, he made her happy when she hadn't been for a very long time, but now she's hurt more than ever, what is she supposed to do?

Malie rested her head in her hands, she was propped up against the bed while she sat on the floor, legs sprawled out in front of her. All she did was think.

Her mind drifted back off to Calum. He cares about the things that happened in the past now even though when it all happened he didn't. She didn't regret sharing them memories with Calum, because they were good ones, he made her happy. He's back now and she's just pushing him away, not giving him a second chance when he gave her one. At least he came back, but why'd he have to come back when she was finally happy again with Luke? Luke made her feel complete and loved- love, her like no one has ever done before. Her first love came back when she discovered her second love. 

Malie thought about it. What if Calum would've came back a little before she had met Luke or even a week after, would've she went back to Calum and leave Luke since they weren't serious then or would've she took her chance with Luke anyways.

Malie knew the answer to that question, she would've went back to Calum. Even after he kept her waiting for so long, he came back.

But if that were the case, she wouldn't have shared all the good memories Luke, some of the best memories of her life.

And then Malie remembered, Calum would have never came back if she had never met Luke. So whichever her choice was it would always involve Luke, the person she loved now.
Even if he wasn't there when she needed him most, neither was Calum when she needed him most. 

She needed Calum most about 3 years ago, but she needed Luke this time, not Calum. This was Luke's reasonably this time not his.

So, if Calum could have a second chance then so could Luke. 
The second chance at forgiveness. 

Malie lifted her head up from her hands, sniffling her nose since it was all runny from all the crying lately, even if she wasn't crying at the moment.

I know what I'm going to do now, Malie thought to herself. 
She was gonna forgive Luke, and give him a second chance, besides everyone deserves one.

A/N ♕
This chapter is just Malie and her thoughts but I liked it. I mean this chapter is important too, even if it was boring to you.

Comment. & this is the 27th chapter like wow! I can't believe how far this book has gotten. Thank you all so much, ily! [ I will remind you that ily a lot so get used to it. ]

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