Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


29. 2.6

"Hello?" Malie answered to her phone tiredly since she had just woken up.

"Hey, it's uh- Matt." The all to familiar voice was heard into the phone.

"Is it to late for you to leave a message?" Malie groaned, not wanting to speak to her so called 'dad'.

"I don't wanna speak to you as much as you want to speak to me, but you know if I'm calling it's for something important, Malice." 

"What's so important?" Malie asked sarcastically, not interested in this conversation.

"You're mother, she has passed away. I thought I should call and tell you, the funeral is this Saturday at 10. Her boyfriend had called and told me the news." 

"Why would I want to come to her funeral? The both of you didn't ever give two shits about me before. If you were in the situation she's in now, I would say the same exact thing."
Malie responded with hurt and anger in her voice. 

"Well, I think you'll want to come after I tell you this. I hate to tell you this but without me and her, you wouldn't be alive. After all, she did carry you in her stomach for 9 months then have the pain of having you. Maybe we have always not cared for you but without us you wouldn't be alive. We didn't have to care for you, you have your boyfriend and friends for that, all that matters is you still had and have a life to live and without her, plus me, you wouldn't be here today." He explained over the phone. 

Malie was taken back by the words and after processing it all in, she responded with "Well maybe living wasn't such a good thing, Matt. It never has been a good thing for me. The world would still be turning without me here and nobody would miss me if I was never even born. I can't help you and mom had sex without a condom or it broke or whatever. You didn't want me, and I truly wouldn't care if I died right now." Malie said, holding back the tears.

"Oh stop being so selfish, Malice. You know good and well if you were in your death bed right now you'd be crying to live, you'd look at that boyfriend of yours and tell him you love him and all that junk. Think about how that boy and all the people who care for you would be hurt by your death, that's just selfish. I just know that if it was your funeral, your mom and I would be at it. That's the least we could do." Matt huffed into the phone.

Malie did not expect this, his words were actually true. How could she be so selfish? "You know what? I'll be there Saturday at her funeral after all. Let me guess it's the funeral home that her cousin had her's at?" Malie questioned.

"Yes, that one. I appreciate you coming, Malice. You're making the right choice. Your mom would be proud of you." He said, enlightened.

"Yeah, sure." Malie mumbled into the phone. 

"It's at 10 a.m, Saturday. Don't forget, good-bye." Matt said finally, hanging up the phone.

"Go away I said- 
Calum started to say, as he opened the door of his hotel room in response to the knock on the door, but stopped his sentence when he saw who was in front of him.

"Luke? What are you doing here?" Calum questioned, clearly surprised.

"Can I come in? I have something important to talk to you about." Luke said, stretching the back of his neck and avoiding Calum's eye contact.

"Uh, sure, yeah." Calum said confused as he let Luke into the hotel room, shutting the door after he entered.

Luke made his way over to the hotel bed and sat at the end of it, staring up at Calum, signaling to come sit down as well.

Calum sat down across from the boy, in the chair in the room.

"Well, what do you need to talk to me about?" Calum asked awkwardly because not everyday your ex girlfriend's boyfriend knocks on your door and ask to speak to you.

"First of all I just want to thank- you, for saving Malie's life with donating your blood and almost risking your life for hers with the heart transplant." Luke said with a toothless smile, staring down at the floor, memories of Malie flashing back into his head.

Calum nodded and replied with "I owed her it."

"You know, yesterday she told me we need a break since I wasn't there for her in the hospital and you were. Ashton has been texting me, telling me about how all she's done is cry about everything that has been going on lately." Luke said, moving his head up to look at Calum.

"Did she tell you?" Calum asked.

"Tell me what?" Luke asked confused.

"Someone hacked my Twitter, tweeting the real reason I had left her 2 years ago." Calum said, hanging his head down low, ashamed.

"Well why did you ever leave her?" Luke questioned, he had always wondered.

"Go check my Twitter, and see for yourself." Calum said, head still low.

So Luke pulled out his phone from his pocket and unlocked it, going to the Twitter app and typing in 'Calum Hood' .

Not noticing the most recent Tweet, Luke quickly scrolled down to where the first tweet about the situation was posted, scrolling up every time until he finished the next until he got to the most recent one, reading it.

"Uh- Calum I think I know who hacked your Twitter." Luke said looking up at Calum, these words causing Calum to look up at Luke as well. 

"Who?" Calum questioned quickly.

"Michael Clifford." Luke grunted, 
showing Calum his phone. 

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