Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


26. 2.3

"Sara, do you have any clue to where Calum is now?" The worker at the clinic asked annoyed with her.

Sara looked down at her head and shamelessly said "No." 

"If you don't find him soon we are going to have to fire you, I'm sorry but he was your responsibility and he could've killed himself by now and if that's the case there will be high consequences for you, I may add." The old woman said before scurrying off.

Sara looked back up from the chair she was sitting at in Calum's room he stayed at when here.

"I should've never gave him them privileges, costing me my job and all." Sara thought to herself, she was disappointed in herself honestly.

But then a smart idea popped into her head, and in no time she was in the office at the clinic and logging into the computer.

Soon Sara was on her apple account and mumbled to herself "Thank god for Apple." 

She dragged her mouse over to 'Find My IPhone' and clicked on it.

Soon a red pin popped up on a map saying the location & exact address to where her phone was at.

"Gotcha Calum." Sara said with a smirk as she logged off the computer.

Before leaving out the door, the old woman worker stopped Sara and asked 
"Where are you going?!"

"To London, I've found Calum." Sara replied happily, then leaving out the door to catch the plane that happened to be leaving sometime tonight, she had to hurry though so she wouldn't miss it. He wasn't going to cost her, her job.

"Michael, look." Sam said pointing to her laptop screen that was pulled up on Calum's Twitter.

Michael looked over seeing how many replies it was getting, some harsh and mean towards him and some shocked and some that looked like his exs.
But one caught his eye and it was Malie's, all it said was
'I know this isn't Calum and I don't know who this is but when I find out who this is, nvm I won't tell you what happens.'

Michael took the laptop from Sara and scrolled down further, seeing one more reply from Malie on one of the different tweets himself had tweeted and this one said 
'Oh and Calum admitted to doing this. Thanks for complicating everything when it was just getting better. He's not the bad guy in this anymore it's you and I hope you realized that already.'

Michael handed back Sara her laptop, shocked.

She studied Michael's expression and asked "Michael, do you really think this was the right choice?"

Michael shook his head and whispered "Not anymore.."

A/N ♕
Soooo, the suspense right?
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