Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


25. 2.2

Sorry, I can't answer my phone right now but *giggle* leave a message, if you want of course.

Calum let out a sigh at Malie's cute voicemail, but he hated how it was just recorded and not now. This was his 17th time calling now but he decided to leave yet another voicemail.

'I'm really sorry Malie, I really do hope you forgive me. I do love you.'

Calum hit the end button after that, he had to because well that's how it works.

"I'm really sorry, Malie." Calum whispered to himself. 

He let his head hang low and draped his arms around his knees, pulling them closer to himself.

He let go one arm and brought it up to his mouth, tracing his lips with his index finger. 
Remembering the touch of Malie's lips on his, oh how it felt so long ago when they were but it was because it was so long ago the last time her soft plump lips were on his big ones.

"I miss you." Calum mumbled to himself again, draping his arm back of his knees and starting to shake.

Lifting his head up from his knees, Calum started at the blank wall in front of him. 
You're happy now that's all that matters, I don't know where Luke is now but I could be the one there with you holding you close, kidding you're nose when you look up to me to meet my eyes, be the one there to cuddle you when you're cold, tell you you're beautiful even if you don't believe it because it's true, I'm so fucking in love with you Malie, Calum's thoughts echoed through his mind. She was all he could think about, and all he would always want to think about.

He left go of his knees and brought his hands up to his head full of hair, soothing his fingers through the ruffled hair, elbows resting on his stomach.

"What am I going to do?" Calum asked himself out loud, staring off into space. 

There was a knock on the door to Malie & Ashton's apartment.

"Come in!" Ashton yelled from the couch, flipping through the tv channels trying to find something good enough to watch.

The door opened and in walked Luke, Ashton's eyes averting to him to see who walked in.

"Finally, you show up." Ashton mumbled, staring at the boy who looked like he just got washed up at sea.

After closing the door behind him from entering the apartment, Luke asked "Where's Malie?" 

"Sleeping in her bed, but if you plan on talking to her I suggest taking a shower first." Ashton commented, looking Luke up and down in disgust.

Like followed Ashton's eyes at himself, "Yeah, I don't even know what happened." Luke admitted.

"Well you've got a lot of explaining to do, go clean up mate." Ashton mumbled, turning his head back towards the decent sized TV.

Luke nodded and headed to their bathroom, shutting the door when in the room and looked himself in the mirror.

"What happened to me?" Luke breathed out to himself, tracing his fingers over his dirty face.

He got undressed and turned on the shower, trying not to wake up Malie of course and got in, having the soothing feeling of the warm water hit his back. It felt so good.

Luke reached his hands up to his hair and began rinsing it out, water going in his face as well, as he kept his eyes squeezed shut.

After the refreshing shower, Luke wrapped a towel around him and looked for a spare toothbrush in the small bathroom, eventually finding on under the sink and brushed his teeth. 

After drying out his hair and fixing it up a little, Luke (still in a towel) opened the bathroom door and stepped out, heading into Malie's room to Ashton's dresser, being as quiet as possible. 

He grabbed some boxers and pajama pants and glanced over at Malie seeing her sleeping peacefully, she looked beautiful sleeping Luke thought as a smile tugged at his lips. 

He quickly put on the clothing materials and let the towel stay in the floor because he was too lazy to go put it in the dirty laundry, and might will later.

He pulled the covers back next to Malie's spot on the bed, and dipped himself into the bed covering himself up with the warm blanket.

Luke smiled, taking in Malie's features once again after so long and happy she was finally okay and out of the hospital.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, not waking her. And kissed the top of her head, whispering a quiet "I love you Malice." Before his eyes became heavy and let sleep take over as well.

A/N ♕

Hello guys, I wrote this chapter 4/19. But I really love it, wbu? 

& I'm probably gonna leave this chapter up for a good bit, k? 
Next update will probably be this weekend but I might have a surprise update since I have more chapters already written.

Kik- Mkn315 if you wanna talk. I always try to help even if I'm not good at it. Thank you all for reading this fanfic, I appreciate and hope you love it. I try my best.

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