Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


24. 2.1

"So, I think right now is the right time to ask this. What all happened the night you know?" Ashton asked Malie, he was on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and Calum was on the couch near by.

Malie looked down at her fingers that were laying in her lap, while she bit on her bottom lip nervously and began speaking "Well.." 

"You don't have to tell us if you don't want to Malie." Calum said with a warm smile, Malie nodded and continued.

"Well, that day I had got a phone call from the people from that job I applied for.." 
Ashton nodded, remembering that.

"And they declined me... saying things like ' why should you work here if you gave up and dropped out of high school? ' and ' we need people who overcame the bullies to work here and show people that they can overcome this. ', that was basically what they said and I realized.. I realized they were right." Malie sniffled out, tears filling her eyes.
Ashton whiped away with his fingers the tears that had escaped from her eyes.

"How did you pass out then?" Calum asked, looking at Malie carefully.

"After I hung up, I was about to uh.. cut again, cut my thighs instead of my wrists so Luke wouldn't see." Malie shamelessly admitted, Ashton grabbed her hand.

"Please don't ever think about going back to that Malie, we are here for you now. Me, Luke and even Calum now." Ashton said staring at Calum with gritted teeth, Calum just responded with a smug smirk.

"Where is Luke? He wasn't at the hospital either.. Is he okay?" Malie asked, looking up to meet Ashton's face.

"I - I actually don't know where he's at Malie. He left a couple of days ago to go to band practice but he never returned and he won't answer his calls." Ashton replied, deciding to leave out the part where some girl answered Luke's phone once.

Malie looked back down and mumbled an "oh." 

Trying to change the subject Calum spoke up " So, contained your story of what happened." 

"No, Calum its too much. Give her some time." Ashton shot back, glaring.

"It's fine Ashton, I can continue." Malie responded with a reassuring smile, letting go of Ashton's smoothing hand.

"In the rush of finding some sort of blade since I didn't bring any with me, my heart beat started to become faster and soon everything became black, that's all I remember sorry." Malie said looking down still and trying to trace her scars with her fingers now.

Ashton gently grabbed Malie's hands and lifted her head up to face him, "Don't be sorry Malie, we're just happy you're okay and alive with us." And pulled her into a warm hug.

"Thanks, Ashton." Malie mumbled into the hug.

Breaking the moment Calum said while being on Sara's phone, "Hey it won't let me log into my Twitter, I just got on it other day and now it won't let me." 

Malie released from the hug and staring at Calum with a confused face, "Hmmh, maybe you entered the username or password wrong."

"No, it's right. It was acting weird other day too. On the plane ride over here I had some messages to a girl saying we had talked yesterday too when I have never spoke to her before..." Calum said staring up to Malie and Ashton now.

"What if someone was on you're account?" Ashton said confused as well, getting up from the arm of the chair to go sit next to Calum and see what was going on.

"No one knows my password as I know of though." Calum said confused.

"I'll go get my phone and go look on you're page, hold on." Malie said getting up and seconds later returning with her phone.

Her Twitter was already logged in so she quickly looked up Calum's Twitter name and went to his page.

Her eyes started to water, seeing the tweets from only last night.

"What's wrong Malie?" Calum and Ashton asked at the same exact time, seeing her watering eyes.

"Is this- is this true, Calum?" Malie asked standing up and handing Calum her phone, while some tears escaped from her eyes.

Calum scrolled down his page reading the tweets,nth at he had not posted while Ashton looked over his shoulder and did the same.

Calum and Ashton's expression had changed.

"I- I did not post these, I swear!" Calum exclaimed, looking back up at Malie.

"But- but are they true, Calum?" Malie said with hurt.

Calum looked down.

"They are true, aren't they?!" Malie said furiously. Ashton standing up going over to her and trying to calm her.

"Get off of me Ashton! Did you know about this too?!" Malie said angrily.

Ashton threw his hands up and backed up, whispering sadly "Yes, Calum told me in the hospital.. I was pissed Malie, but he saved your life, he gave some of his blood to you so you could live, without him you'd be dead."

"How could you do this to me Calum! Why did you ever mess with my feelings and do this to me?! And why did you lie about it when you came back?! Why did you even come back in the first place?! Do you really even care now, do you?!" 

Calum looked back up, tears rolling down his face and said with shame " I don't know why I ever played you! I- I was stupid back then and I was a player and- and I'm sorry, okay! I lied when I came back because I didn't want you to find out about my past! I knew you wouldn't forgive me then and believe when I say I really do care and love you now! I've never been in love with a girl ever in my life Malie but now, but now I am and it's with you! I know you have Luke now but please please just forgive and believe me, I'm being honest, I promise." Calum was now bawling, he was down on his knees begging for forgiveness for what he has done.

Malie looked away and pointed to the door, "Just leave Calum, I can't trust you anymore. I'm sorry." 

Calum looked up, getting up and doing as told but before leaving out the door he said one last thing "I hope one day I do regain you're trust, even if it takes my whole life, I still love you Malice Kay Johnson and I'm going to work for your trust, I promise." And left, closing the door behind him.

Malie turned towards Ashton, pulling him into a hug and crying out into his shirt, soaking it.

A/N ♕
I know this chapter didn't have Michael or Luke in it but I thought this was needed how it was, sorry it was sad.

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I got one of my favorite authors on movellas, she's a really nice person too. 
She agreed to make a trailer for Recovery! So I gave her the information she needed to make a trailer and she is going to make one so yay! I'm so excited! 

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