Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


20. 1.8

Ashton sighed and picked up his phone that was laying on his knee, once again.


He dialed Luke's number for the millionth time, Malie was in surgery at the moment. They had just started and her own boyfriend wasn't even here.


"Hellooo?" A slurred female voice answered.


"Who's this?" Ashton asked angrily, anger boiling up inside of him.


"Emerald, I think. Heehhe." The female voice said, you could tell the girl was drunk.


"Where's Luke?" Ashton asked trying to stay calm.


"Who's Lukeeee? That sounds like a hot namee." Emerald drunkly spoke into the phone.


"Blonde hair, blue eyes, quite tall, couldn't miss him." Ashton said annoyed yet worried.


"Ohhhh, Lukey Bearrr?" Emerald asked happily.


Ashlyn winced at the nickname, where was his best mate?


"Yes him." Ashton said hoping she was referring to Luke.


Ashton could hear the girl yell through the phone to someone around her. Ashton turning down the volume of his phone because her high pitched scream could break a glass.


Ashton could hear muffled voices in the background of the phone and finally Emerald spoke again.


"He's passed outt." Emerald said scratching out her words.


Ashton rolled his eyes and hung up the phone, Luke was at a party and Malie is gonna be devastated when she wakes up.


As Ashton went to lean back into the uncomfortable hospital chair again, a man ran into the hospital panting, and Ashton's eyes immediately went to the boy and he noticed right away the boy was no other than Calum Hood himself.



'Hey Sam' Michael texted from Calum's Twitter, he just now had unblocked the girl.


After no time Sam responded back causing Michael to smirk in amazement.


'What the fuck was going on yesterday?' Sam typed angrily.


Michael read the message and quickly responded 'I'll explain later, can we meet up somewhere tonight and I'll explain everything. "


Sam read the message over and over and finally made her mind.

'Fine, tonight at the toy store @ 8, no later or I'm leaving.' Sam said with a grunt.


'Deal' Michael agreed then logging of Calum's Twitter.


Tomorrow is the day he's going to post what he needs on Calum's page and ruin his life, he has already gained the boy tons of followers already and tomorrow is the time.


But after Michael logged off this time he kind of felt bad for lying to Sammy for once, he was thinking he might actually like the girl. And tonight he was going to try to make everything better because he hasn't been happy in so long.



A/N ♕

Another short chapter but I promised I'd update today and I'm tired so comment.

What do you think about Michael & Sam finally meeting as well?

Anyways THANK YOU so much for all the reads, almost 7k is amazing. I love you all so much, thank you!!!

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