Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


19. 1.7

Michael was leaning up against his locker admiring the girl across the hall at her own locker, struggling to get her things out while she murmured cuss words to herself. Michael was thinking of how astonishing the girl was, she had the looks and she was intelligent, sweet and very very clumsy. He loved the same too-big for her hoodie she wore everyday, it came down past her butt a little and the hoodie was a light shade of pink and had super heroes all over it. Michael also noticed her black & white converses that she wore everyday including the bracelets on her arms, tons of them. She would always wear skinny jeans and it made her look adorable, especially when she wore black skinny jeans it made her thin blonde and black hair shine. At least that's what Michael thought, and Calum noticed.


So pathetically, Michael watched as Calum walked over to the girl, she getting the last of her things from her locker and when she noticed Calum she smiled, she had always had a crush on the boy. Now Calum didn't have the slightest crush on the girl but decided to flirt with her a bit to make Michael jealous since he knew Michael was head over heels for the girl.

With all the flirting, the girl was blushing like crazy and of course Michael was mad, he had wished he had enough courage to go talk to the girl himself, besides he had liked the girl for a while now. Calum didn't necessarily like Michael, so that's the main reason he was flirting with the girl. Calum didn't like Michael, and Michael didn't like Calum, all because when they were in Kindergarten Michael accidentally spilt chocolate milk all over Calum, ruining his new shirt. So Calum got back at Michael by getting the scissors and cutting off some of his hair a couple of days later in class when Michael nor the teacher was paying attention. And even though that was such a long time ago and it was such small incidents, they never forgave each other.


Calum asked the girl out on a date and of course she agreed, Calum making sure he was speaking loud enough for Michael to hear.


A couple weeks later Calum & the girl were dating and they lasted a decent amount of time; 5 months to be exact. Calum didn't ever like the girl, he just did it to make Michael jealous and every time Michael was looking he would kiss the girl or do something romantic. But the 2 broke up when the girl had to move away, so Calum broke it off and not really caring since he never liked her anyways.



Michael snapped out of his flashback, he was logging back into Calum's Twitter, he's been avoiding it lately in case Calum has been on. But this time when he would log in he was gonna change his password, then go along with his plan.



Calum was exiting the plane, it had just landed in London. And now Calum was starting to get nervous about this knowing he would be dying in about 2 days. But he would do it to pay for leaving Malie for 2 years just because he was a ignorant teenager.


As soon as Calum finished getting his bags, Sara's phone started ringing, the caller ID reading 'That help place', Calum laughed at the contact name but declined the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket, he wouldn't have to worry about them, he was miles away and they had no idea. Calum just hoped Sara wasn't smart enough to figure out where he'd had gone, because she is the one who had shown Calum the text.



Ashton was really nervous, Luke still wasn't back at the hospital, he wasn't answering his calls and Malie was still unconscious.


"Mr. Irwin?" A fragile female voice said, causing Ashton to turn around.


"Yes?" Ashton asked worried.


"Malie cannot wait 2 more days for the transplant, it's too long of a wait and well we just got a new heart in, we have contacted the other doner who was going to donate and we'll be having the surgery in about 3 hours, Mr." The female doctor said seriously.


Ashton nodded worriedly, where was Luke?



Calum had just gotten off the phone with the hospital where Malie was staying and heard the news, so Calum was going to go there now and wait until the surgery was over, to be there for Malie and show how much he cares for her now. He didn't care if Luke was there, he wanted to be there.


So he told the taxi driver the address to the hospital and the man started driving, it was a 1 hour 1/2 drive.



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