Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


18. 1.6

Calum looked at Sara who was beside him, she was snoring lightly.

Calum's eyes traced over to the white nightstand next to 'his' bed to see Sara's car keys & her phone, which he happened to know the passcode to.

Calum smiled and carefully pulled the cover off of him and he sat up, laying his feet on the floor as quietly as he could and then standing up, he glanced back at Sara assuring she was still sleeping heavily and started tip-toeing around the bed and to the nightstand grabbing both her phone and her car keys without making any sound.

Once Calum had made his way out of his door and down the hall by tip-toeing quietly he made it to the exit of the building, and there was only one way to get out, the scan of her phone.

So Calum unlocked her phone and went to the special barcode that was the key to leave this place and held the phone up to the scanner. It scanned the phone and made a beep sound meaning it was approved and opened the doors.

Calum walked out the doors, fresh air that he's breathed in what has seem like a long time, he made his way over to Sara's car, remembering what it looked like from the ride over here. As soon as he got to her car and unlocked it and climbed in, started the car and pulled away; leaving that place to go to the airport.

Calum Hood just escaped the place where he was supposed to get help without anyone knowing and was making his way to London to save his ex- girlfriends life which would cause him to end his because he was still in love with her, he just didn't like to admit things and Malie, Luke & Ashton had no clue who was the volunteering doner who would either ruin or save the day; in about 3 days.


The beeping on Michael's computer went off, causing him to wake up. He had fell asleep at his computer desk, he was playing computer before he had passed out.

Michael slowly lifted up his head and whiped his drool off from his face, he looked at the computer screen; Twitter was up but not his Twitter, Calum's and Calum had a dm.

Michael moved his mouse over to it and noticed another message from Sam saying

'Sorry I had fell asleep you awake Cal?', Michael had a whole long conversation yesterday with the Sam girl all day long but deleted the messages every 30 minutes just in case Calum was to log in.

Every time Michael would flirt with the girl he would just be joking but when she flirted back it kind of made Michael want to be Calum, Calum always had all the girls and Michael knew the real reason he had left Malie that day for no reason and wouldn't come back, he just made rumors to cover up the truth and to make Malie sad but she would be even more sad if she had found out the real reason why Calum had left, so in a way he was only protecting Malie. But now Michael was going to expose the real reason because life couldn't go so easy for them, he just needed to make Calum have more twitter followers and so, so more people could see how bad of a person Calum really is & ruin Calum's life just like Calum had done to him years ago.

Michael went to reply back to the girl but while he was typing the computer beeped again meaning she had sent another message, Michael stopped typing and looked up to see that "he" had replied to her asking 'Sorry who is this?', and Michael immediately knew that Calum was on his Twitter and had replied back before he could because Michael was lost in his thoughts. And the message Sam had replied back to Calum said

'It's Sam, the girl you talked to yesterday.' And Michael face palmed himself. Quickly Michael had deleted the message hoping Calum hasn't see. It already and blocked the girl, then logging off Calum's Twitter, he couldn't get caught.


Calum was on the plane on his way to London, he was sitting beside the window next to some girl who looked around her early 20's and was reading a book. And Calum was bored so he decided to get on Sara's phone on his Twitter of course, he logged in and noticed a new dm, he opened it confused to who would have sent it and read the message. It had said 'Sorry I had fell asleep you awake Cal?', Calum was confused, he hadn't been messaging anyone. He asked her who it was and put his phone in his lap, but after her not responding for a while he decided she wasn't, he looked to see if she had responded since his phone never went off to see there wasn't any messages, he was confused and shrugged it off, deciding to go to Malie's & Luke's Twitter instead to see if they have updated but figured Malie hasn't because she was probably still unconscious, like Luke had tweeted yesterday.


Ashton was pacing back & forth, 3 more days until the doner arrived and he didn't know if that was gonna be enough time, could she wait that long?

Luke was at rehearsal, he was in some college band and he was a guitarist or something like that, Ashton always knew he liked playing the guitar.

Malie still hasn't woken up yet and Ashton was getting worried, he hasn't left the hospital once unlike Luke has and he probably smells & looks terrible, I mean no shower for 4 days, what do you expect?


Luke was worried as well, he didn't want to leave Malie in case she woke up or something went wrong but he had to and now he was rehearsing in a college 'band' that sounded alright. He was sweating but at least he was having fun something he hasn't done in a while. When they finished the song just practicing, Evan pulled Luke aside "Hey man so we are all really tired and you know how we solve that?" Evan said nudging Luke.

Luke didn't know.

"What?" He asked?

"Drugs, we need drugs to keep us up!" Evan said happily, like he already had some in his system.

"What type?" Luke asked thinking maybe it wasn't such a bad idea but was wondering why couldn't they just have coffee.

"Cocaine." Evan said.


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