Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


17. 1.5

Michael was on Calum's Twitter account again but this time following more people, random people really.

But after about 40 minutes being on Calum's account, he got a dm.

And Michael being the nosy person he is, opened it.

'Hey, thanks for the follow. -Sam xx'

It said to be exact.

Michael clicked on her account and scrolled through it, pictures and tweets about some bands that happened to be his favorite too, but no pictures of this girl with the name of Sam. He looked at her profile picture intensively, noticing her bright blue eyes and her dark brown hair that mixed together perfectly. Her smile was straight and clean.

So Michael decided to reply back, pretending to be Calum of course, because it would be rude not to reply back right?

'Your welcome I guess'

Michael replied, he isn't the best trying to be nice.

'You're* not your, hehe you're cute Calum.'

Sam replied back quickly, good thing Michael also texts back fast.

Michael remembered he was on Calum's account and decided to flirt around a bit, not meaning it but didn't know of what it would turn into.


It was almost time for Luke to leave for rehearsal and Malie still hasn't woken up yet before her surgery.

"Hmh." The doctor said clearing his throat, causing Luke to turn and look at the man and for Ashton to wake up, he'd been sleeping a lot lately.

"Yes?" Luke asked with a hopeful expression, hoping the doctor would say something like Malie doesn't need the heart transplant anymore, she's fine. But Luke knew that wasn't going to happen.

"Well.. Mr. Hemmings, we cannot do the heart transplant today," The doctor said not finishing his sentence.

Luke let out a sigh in relief, thinking maybe his wishes were coming true.

"We have to re-schedule because we had to use the last available heart this morning for a emergency transplant, so we are going to have to post pone the surgery till we find a doner." The doctor said, this time finishing his sentence.

Luke felt his stomach knot up, what if they couldn't find a doner in time?

Luke pulled out his phone and tweeted 'Malie is in need of a heart transplant doner, please help.'


"Calum, That Luke boy tweeted something." Sara said to Calum, she had been basically stalking Luke & Malie's Twitter accounts hoping it would help Calum.

"I done told you that I don't care about her anymore." Calum said with a bored expression.

"Well just read this." Sara said, shoving her phone into Calum's face.

Calum took her phone and read Luke's tweet, his heart almost dropping to the bottom of his stomach.

"I'll be right back with your phone." Calum said getting up off the bed and heading outside his 'room' with Sara's phone, leaving her behind.

He dialed the hospital's number that Malie was staying at and listen to it ring, good thing Luke had tweeted something about were he was at earlier.

"Hello St.Londons Hospital, how may I help you?"

"Hi, yes this is Calum Hood speaking. I heard about how Malice Johnson needs a heart doner, and I'm willing to donate mine."


Luke was heading out the front doors of the hospital so he could make it to rehearsal but was stopped when he heard Ashton calling after him.

"What is it?" Luke asked turning around to face Ashton.

"The doctor said they found a doner, the person will be here in 4 days." Ashton said out of breath.


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Finally updated!!!

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Ashton nor Luke knows that Calum is the volunteering doner.

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