Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


14. 1.2

"I'm going to work Malie, have you found out if you made the job or not?" Ashton asked walking into Malie's room.

"Nope I should find out today though, go to work you don't need to be late." Malie mumbled while scrolling down tumblr on her laptop, she didn't get much sleep last night because of the noisy neighbors.

Ashton nodded and left Malie's room & the apartment to go to his first day of work, it was Monday and Malie still hasn't heard if she made the job or not.

'Hey Lukey have a good day at college, love you.'

Malie texted.

'Hope you make the job love you Malice.'

Luke texted back.

Malie smiled at the text, she wanted to make the job too.


Day 5

Calum kept crying that's all he's been doing since yesterday and he felt bad.

"What's her name again?" Sara asked while she sat on the bed watching the boy in ther corner.

"Malice ...Johnson" Calum sniffled.

"I'm gonna try to get her on Twitter-

"No let me talk to her myself." Calum said starring at Sara intensively.

"Okay but if you start going all psycho again then your never seeing it again." Sara said as she handed Calum her phone.

He quickly logged onto his Twitter and went to Malie's page, then sent her a dm saying

'Why are you in London?'

'So Luke could go to college.'

'Please come back, I at least need to see you.'

'No Calum you left me for 2 years, now I can leave you for 2 more.'

'I'm coming to London after I get out of this personal health care thing I only have 25 more days left.'

'Why are you in a personal health care place?'

'I tried to take enough pills to forget everything, not to die just to forget but it didn't work.'

'I have to go.'

Calum teared up again and punched the floor, he logged off of Twitter and laid the phone next to him and then looked at Sara who had pity in her eyes.

Calum had to forget about Malie and he knew just the way to do it.


Malie on was the verge of tears after she had the conversation with Calum on Twitter, but it was only fair he had to finally go threw what she had to and she did feel bad for him but it was only fair.

Malie's ringtone 'Wake Me Up When September Ends By: Greenday' went off meaning she had a phone call and she quickly answered, knowing already who it was.

"Hello is this Miss Malice Johnson i'm speaking to?" A lady said onto the phone.

"Yes it is." Malie said in her nicest possible tone.

"Hello Malice, I'm Fiona from the Self Harm Hotline and we've looked over your background for the job."

"Did I make the job?" Malie asked with hope.

"Well, we saw that you didn't finish high school, why is that?"

"I couldn't take the bullying any longer." Malie said honestly.

"We understand that you have been through what these people who call here have been through, but you need at least a high school diploma to work here mam."

"Why do I need a high school diploma to work somewhere where you answer a phone and help people?" Malie asked angrily.

"Because mam, you need the full school education to work here."


"The people that call here need to be motivated by people who made it not by people who gave up." The lady on the line said.

Malie hung up the phone with tears she knew the lady was right, she tried for 2 years to keep strong and she gave up, she lost the battle, she let them win.


"Mr.Hemmings stop talking you are disrupting the class." The college professor said sternly.

Luke shut up real quick, he was just trying to make new friends.

"Psstt.. Luke." Luke turned around to see a boy with red hair & freckles.

"Huh?" Luke asked trying not to get called out in front of everyone again.

"See my after class bro." The red head said to Luke, Luke nodded and turned back around.

(After class, now lunch)

Luke waited outside the door for The red haired boy to come out and finally he did.

"What you need mate?" Luke asked.

"Do you like to play guitar? I heard you talking about it in class." The guy asked.

"Yeah I do actually." Luke said proud.

"Well my name is Evan, There is a music group thing here you should join."

"How do I join?" Luke asked, he was interested in this to be honest.


A/N ♕


Short chapter.

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