Recovery [l.h]

'Happy for once.'

♛ Sequel to 'Bullied' ♛

Read 'Bullied' first.


13. 1.1

Malie was on Twitter since it was 10 in the morning and she wasn't going out to look for jobs with Ashton till after lunch.

She decided to go to Calum's page to see how he's been.

But when she clicked on his account she saw how he re-tweeted something Michael had tweeted about him.

Malie read the tweet and remembered how everyone thought she had killed Calum and she clenched up her fists and turn off her phone angrily.

What Malie didn't know was where Calum was actually at and couldn't have his phone there, he did not re-tweet what Michael had said.

"Are you okay?" Ashton said as he walked into Malie's room only in his boxers while he was eating a doughnut.

"Just remembering things." Malie said turning and facing the opposite way.

Ashton plopped down beside her on the bed and finished his doughnut and starting tickling Malie.

"Be happy!" He screamed as Malie screamed and squirmed.

"!" Malie screamed.

Ashton stopped ticking her, he did not want to get kicked in the balls again, last night when he offered for her to get in the shower with him she kicked him in the balls, pushed him out the bathroom, locked the door and got in the shower by herself.

Then Malie tackled Ashton causing him to fall back down onto the bed.

Malie stood up on the bed and acted like she was about to step on Ashton, "Go get ready so we can go job searching before I step somewhere my foot isn't supposed to go."

Ashton quickly got up out of bed and rushed to his room, then Malie started getting ready as well.


Day 4

"I'm bored Sara." Calum said as he sat on the end of 'his' bed.

"Oh Jesus that's not good, what you planning on now?" Sara said as she watched the small tv that was hanging from the wall.

Calum turned his head towards Sara and smirked.


"Look this place is looking for somebody." Malie said as they passed the music store.

"Let's go check it out then." Ashton said as they both turned back around to enter the store.

They walked up to the young man who was behind the counter.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The man whose name read Nash said.

"We are looking for a job, and saw you had a opening." Malie said flashing a smile.

Nash smiled back "Well yes we do have only one opening though, not two."

"I'll work here." Ashton perked up.

Malie nodded, she wasn't exactly good with instruments.

"Okay well I need to interview you, *the man looked past the 2* and looks like I can right now."

"You interview him, I'll go keep looking for me a job. Ashton text me when your done."

"Okay see ya." Ashton said.

Malie walked out the door noticing the beautiful view again.

Malie wasn't sure where she wanted to work, besides its hard to find a job when you don't have a high school diploma, but Ashton seems to never have a problem with that.

While walking Malie noticed a billboard and it said

'Job opening at self harm hot line, Call ***-***-**** to find out more.'

Malie knew that's what she wanted to do, help people that are going through what she use to have to go through.

So Malie pulled out her phone and dialed the number.


Luke's room mate was laying on her bed texting on her phone, and alike was playing video games.

"So Luke, that's your name right?" The girl asked.

"Yeah Luke's the name, what about you?" He asked keeping his focus on the game.

"I'm Amalia." She said perky.

Luke just kept playing his video game.

"So uh do you have a girlfriend?" Amalia asked, now looking at Luke's back.

Luke swallowed and paused the video game to turn his head for a second and look at Amalia.

"Yes I do, her name is Malie." Luke said with a grin as thoughts of Malie filled his head.

"That's a pretty name." Amalia said with a pretty white smile.

Luke turned his head back to the tv and kept playing the video game.

"Yes it is, and she is beautiful." Luke responded with a smile.


"You know if you got caught, I would get fired right?" Sara said as she stood at the doorway of the room looking out for anybody.

"Your the one who let me use your phone." Calum said with a grin.

Calum logged onto his Twitter and noticed that 'he' had retweeted something Michael had tweeted yesterday, except Calum did not retweet it, who did?

Quickly Calum un- retweeted it and changed his password to a harder one, then he checked Malie's page to see how she was doing.

"FUCK!" Calum screamed, tears filling his eyes.

Sara turned around and looked at him, "What?" She asked.

"Malie. She. Moved. To. London." Calum said as anger and sadness filled his veins.

Sara did not know who Malie was but she wasn't going to ask, because Calum was clearly sad about this person.

Calum logged off his Twitter and threw Sara her phone, she luckily caught it.

Calum then went over to the wall and punched a huge hole in it. Then he slide down into the corner of the room and buried his face in his knees, letting himself cry.

Why did I let her leave?, I'm so stupid! Was all he could think.

Sara realized now why patients could not be on the Internet, she shouldn't have let Calum but how could she say no to him?


A/N ♕


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